Buy Hydraulic linear actuator

Hydraulic Linear Actuators and Rotary are suitable wherever high force-density, precise control, and long operating life are required. In either linear actuator or rotary actuator form, these self-contained are the next generation of motion . Speed of linear actuator travel is from 0.005 to 6 inches per second, while resolution can be as fine as 0.002 inches accuracy with 100% repeatability. Uniquely configured motion- valves or actuator ball electro mechanical valve ensure smooth and led lowering under load, especially valuable in modulating valve actuator applications. Dirty, corrosive and harsh outdoor environments are a perfect application for actuators, while their leak-free design makes them very acceptable for clean settings such as hospitals, clean-rooms or outdoor environmentally-sensitive applications. Gas/Valve (often referred to as Gas over Oil type) use a high pressure gas supply (typically 300 to 1480 psig) as their power source. Often used in gas/transmission pipelines in which the pipeline media is used for the actuator's power source. are available in rotary (1/4 - turn) and versions and can be supplied with practically any required system including remote and line break systems. The actuator contained self is a fully enclosed and self-contained unit designed for ease of use and maintenance. Integral porting eliminates the need for costly, cumbersome and easily damaged external tubing. Integral travel stops are housed in each end cap to precisely the degree of travel operation. Double acting units have a constant output torque throughout travel from start to end, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. The electromechanical are the best packaged solution for your actuation needs. With capacities ranging from 100 lbs to 100 tons, no one offers a greater selection of both AC and DC models. This extensive line of models is designed to meet the requirements of the most challenging applications. Benefiting from the latest in advanced design techniques, manufacturing methods, and over three decades of electromechanical product experience, Duff-Norton Electromechanical last longer and run smoother with minimal maintenance and no headaches. If you have a actuation application, Duff-Norton has the packaged solution for you.