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HVAC PLUS has valves for every job. We carry every type of valve an HVAC technician could ever want, actually. From ball valves and check valves to replacement solenoid valves and butterfly valves, you'll never be able to stump us on a part you need to get the job done!

Actuator Eaton Valve, Furnace Gas Valve, Gas Honeywell Valve

Try our search feature and plug in a part number. Most of the time the valve you need will come up or we will help you find the one you need personally on the phone! Our phone number is on every page of this site for easy access.

Valves are defined as any device for closing or modifying the passage through a pipe, outlet, inlet, or the like, in order to stop, allow, or control the flow of a fluid media. But when you get past the simple definition, the wide array of hvac valve types available can be dizzying.

That's why, whether you are looking for check valves or butterfly valves, solenoid valves or spare ball valves, the best approach is to just plug in the part number in our search system and the HVAC PLUS search engine will locate your exact repair part needed in seconds so you don't have to mess around with individual manufacturer sites with terrible search capabilities.

Being based in Houston Texas, the hvac capital of the world, we never get stumped on Valves or any other hvac repair part you might need.