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Contact Us: Phone: (215) 525-1119 or "Request Quote for Coil Product"Hot water coils, specially designed for hot water or special fluids, are manufactured with special materials and thicknesses in order to accommodate high temperatures, pressures, or the corrosive nature of the gas and/or fluid medium. This benefit can be achieved without compromising the flexibility of size and design of the coil.

Hot Water Coiled units have various applications like pumping fluids at high pressure, removing paraffin from oil well tubing and pipelines , testing and tubing pipelines , heating and circulating of well bores, circulating and cleaning oil and gas processing equipment.

Commercial heating and cooling systems have become an important part of our daily life. To ensure safety, health and comfort of residents of commercial buildings it is important to provide proper maintenance of the equipment. This helps decrease utility bills and increases the service life of the system as commercial heating and cooling systems are complex equipment that require professional maintenance and repair.

Your Custom Unit can be hydraulically or mechanically driven, customized with a 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 5mm or 7mm Btu heater built for 75% road restrictions (supported with logistics and training as required). provides you with unique services required to meet all compliances. HVAC plus offer the finest standard and custom-built manufactured hot oil coiled systems. Our specs and drawings will ensure that the hot oil coil unit you order will be built-to-fit accurately. We will provide rapid and accurate responses to your hot oil coil requirements. We provide both standard and custom –built hot oil coil units of the highest standards. offers to give you a price, delivery information and specs about your hot water coils. You can e-mail or fax us with questions about any hot oil coils for price, delivery information and specs related enquiries regarding your hot oil coils. Avail the best HVAC Plus product from the dealer and supplier of the HVAC Plus products that ensures best results in its functioning.


Contact Us: Phone: (215) 525-1119 or "Request Quote for Coil Product"

Hot water coils are built to last using durable materials that can withstand the temperature, the pressure and the corrosive qualities of some of the fluids and gases that pass through them. Today's best hot water coils York, Trane Heatcraft and other HVAC brands depend on offer outstanding longevity. They are manufactured in a range of capacities and configurations to serve a variety of systems.

The applications for hot water coil systems are very diverse. They are used in the oil industry to service tubing and pipelines, maintain well bores and clean equipment used in the processing of oil and natural gas.

These units control all aspects of the indoor climate. Temperature is set, humidity is removed in warm weather and may be added in cold weather and the air is filtered or purified. When these large HVAC systems are properly maintained, including regular cleaning of motors and coils, they will run more efficiently and durably. Utility costs will go down along with repair bills. Systems will always last longer when careful, regular maintenance is done.

HVAC Plus, at, is your partner in maintaining and repairing any residential, commercial or industrial HVAC system. We have the parts that allow you to meet requirements and comply with the all specifications. Whether you need a standard or custom-built hot coil system, we can help. Contact the design professionals at HVAC Plus, or simply use the "Request Quote for Coil Product" link above. We'll get back to you promptly to discuss you needs and supply you with a very competitive quote.

When you buy hot water coils York, Trane, Heatcraft and any other systems use, we'll ensure that you get exactly what you need. We handle standard and custom orders for our many commercial and industrial customers. Our standards for quality parts are very high, so you can be confident you are getting a quality, reliable coil that will meet requirements and deliver longevity.

When you need to buy hot water coils York, Trane, Heatcraft and other brands use, consider ordering them from HVAC Plus. Once you place an order, we'll work to get it to you as quickly as possible, and we'll provide you with shipping information too. Expedited shipping may be possible as well. Choose HVAC Plus when you buy hot water coils York, Trane, Heatcraft and many other systems require.