Buy Honeywell: UDC 3300 Series Controllers

Honeywell’s , also known as UDC’s, are devices based on a microprocessor that controls temperature, flow, pressure, cooling, heating, ventilation and other similar variables. These can either be single-loop or dual-loop and meet any application’s requirements, making your life more comfortable and more pleasurable. They are best put to use in simple or complex systems that need control of flow, temperature or pressure and can find multiple uses in home or industrial applications like: glass processing, metal processing, food & beverage applications, painting and coating applications, furnaces, ceramic kilns, plastics, packaging and many more. The 3000 series are high-performance offering a good functionality and an operating ease of use.

The 3300 Controller (UDC 3300) is an excellent Honeywell controller for metals, glass, ceramics and plastics applications, although it is commonly used in the pharmaceuticals industry, in semiconductor control, in food and beverage commercial systems and in packaging control. The controller offers 0.20% error handling which provides a nice accuracy, an Input making it easier to install, an autotune option which allows the controller to practically control itself in the process, a heat/cool feature, a timer for timed heating or ventilations, dual loop features making it extremely versatile, set point programs that allow for different preset controls and a limit control that allows the UDC 3300 to signal limit exceeding.

Some of the 3300 Controller’s product specifications can be found on their official product website. These include the following features: a Thermocouple, RTD, 4mA to 20mA, Carbon Potential Input Signal Type, 1 or 2 loops of control, Current Proportioning, Time Proportioning, Position Proportioning and heat / cool duplex proportioning control outputs, 2 inputs, 0 outputs and 1 auxiliary output, 2 alarm systems, the autotune feature, PC configuration tools included, a 0.2% accuracy rating, ¼ DIN size, Multilanguage prompts, limit , math functions, setpoint programs, power transmitters and an supply voltage.

As specified by the extended 3300 Controller’s extensive features guidebook, the UDC 3300 Controller model brings new powerful features in the popular 1/4 DIN size while preserving all the accuracy, simplicity, elasticity and industry leading MMI of the UDC 3000, the model over which the Honeywell 3300 UDC is actually based. Its unparalleled new application power contains: two characterizers, two Math equations, two analog inputs, two loops of , an alarm system and a totalizer.

The 3300 Controller offers standard-braking combined features that made the manufacturer an industry-leader and collected outstanding acclaims from home users, HVAC contractors, HVAC technicians and engineers alike. With this combination of features, the new Accutune II™ tuning system, with its fuzzy logic overshoot suppression method, results in an extremely advantageous price/performance value. Application flexibility is assured by the AC power supply, the analog inputs, the two useful inputs, both the RS422/485 ASCII and the Modbus RTU communication procedures or protocols, a simple configuration and a total field upgrade.

The Honeywell 3300 ler’s math functions include two pre-configured algorithms that can be used to easily implement into either of the loops used. The two algorithms can be combined or used individually and you can choose from a large array of algorithms, picking two, which seem the most appropriate to your needs.

These algorithms are as follows: the Feedforward Summer algorithm follows a Ratio/Bias calculation system and sums up directly with the computed PID output, providing the final element’s resultant output. The Weighted Average algorithm calculates the weighted average of a SP or PV from two inputs, for the algorithm. The Feedforward Multiplier can use any input necessary, taking information and multiplying it and providing the resultant output that is then sent to the element. The Summer/Substractor algorithm adds or substracts inputs and results are used as the derived PV. The Multiplier/Divider algorithm works similar to the Summer/Substractor one, but it multiplies and divides instead and it is available with or without a Square Root calculator. Another algorithm, the Input High/Low Select algorithm specifies the PV input as either the highest or lowest of the two inputs, which is a useful addition to controlling the system depending on the comparison.

Of course, these options might seem a little complicated if you are not familiar with the technical language, but don’t worry if you find these features a little to hard to digest. You won’t hit yourself on them too often and you can always call a specialized HVAC technician or engineer if you need professional help. To keep it simple, the 3300 Controller is basically one of the best you will find and it could prove invaluable to your home, commercial or industrial needs. If you are not satisfied with the specifications on the 3300 Controller, or if you need something different, you can check their UDC product catalog at the following link:,140637,673469,140641,693559,140642,864419,140643,140644,140645,140638

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