Buy Honeywell Programmable Thermostats Online

Honeywell company is one of the world's leading manufacturer of thermostats, cares about you and your comfort. Whether you are building a new home or upgrading your current heating and cooling equipment, there is a thermostat for you.

A thermostat may be a unit for a heating or cooling system or a component of a heater or air conditioner can be constructed in many ways and may use a variety of sensors to measure the temperature. The output of the sensor then the heating or cooling apparatus.

Honeywell is a provider of a variety of including do-it-yourself for people interested in building their own systems to the professionally installed which will be installed by professionals completely based on the specific requirement.

We manufactures the following different types :

  • Non-programmable 

For simpler control to your heating and cooling system, a non-programmable control is useful. It just needs to be set to the temperature you want and adjust it up or down as desired. Honeywell has manufactured non-programmable for over 100 years. The T87 Round is one of the most outstanding and most recognized products in the world. It is also a part of the Smithsonian Institute for design excellence Non-programmable come in digital models with large, backlit screens that are easy to read and use, or non-digital models with simple adjustment and operation. Today's digital use electronic control to achieve precise temperature performance and optimal comfort. These include the PRO thermostats, FocusPRO, PRO T8775, PRO100 etc.

Non-digital control heating and cooling in your home simply and effectively. Non-digital controls have been the industry standard for over 50 years. For accurate control and quality that's built to last, there are several designs to choose from. The T87 Round , T834, T812 are some well known.

  • Programmable 

Programmable automatically adjust the temperature at pre-set times. With these you can pre-set your temperatures to correspond to your daily activities. This will help save energy because you are able to have it turned down when you are away or in bed, and set to a comfortable temperature when everyone is at home during the day.

Heating and cooling losses from a building (or any other container) become greater as the difference in temperature increases. A programmable allows reduction of these losses by allowing the temperature difference to be reduced at times when the reduced amount of heating or cooling would not be objectionable. Honeywell has popular models like the Vision PRO, VisionPRO IAQ, Focus PRO, PRO 2000, PRO 4000 etc.

Honeywell also provides other HVAC supply parts, including actuator selections, dampers, motors, ignitors, etc. for all the needs.

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