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The company range of 'M' are used in general refrigeration to cut off / activate the refrigerant flow in a refrigerating plant. The can be installed in the hot gas line, liquid line, and suction line of a refrigerating unit. 'M' has a low pressure drop, Hermetic construction and can be direct Operated which means no minimum pressure differential required to open the valve or pilot operated ie. minimum pressure differential of 0.05 bar required to open the valve. The refrigerants which are suitable are CFC, HCFC and HFC. The different models available - MS : pilot operated, two-way construction, MD : direct operated, two-way construction, MA : direct operated, angle construction.

are devices that use a to control valve activation. Methods for actuation could be electric, electro-hydraulic, electro pneumatic, and pneumatic. Unpowered states include normally open and normally closed. The pressure and tank ports are connected while the service ports are blanked in a tandem centre valve. This helps the system to unload while still providing isolation of the service lines. Whereas in a float center valve, the supply pressure port is closed and there is interconnection for all others ports. This allows the flow to be available to other services with the supply shut off.

Models of standard from are:

  • , up to 90 degree (TG )
  • , up to 180 degree (TGK )
  • for liquid medium (AB )
  • for gaseous and liquid medium (GB )
  • for media up to 180 degree (GK )
  • for hot water, steam, up to 120 degree (LG )
  • for hot water, steam, up to 180 degree (LGK )
  • for potable water (AT )
  • for neutral liquid medium (AV )
  • for gas, liquid gas/fuel (K )

Other are VE4000A, VE4000S, VE400AA, VE4000C, VE4000B1, VE4000B3.

Gas types include regulators, safety , pneumatic , pressure relief , and sampling . Servo, shut off, solenoid, toggle, underwater, and vacuum relief or anti-siphon gas are also available. skinner and steam are other varieties of valvs from Honeywell. also provides other parts including actuators, dampers, motors, ignitors etc. for all the needs. You can buy all products at HVACPLUS. We can help you purchase a product and also to find a replacement to any of your part.

Honeywell's line of 'M' are primarily used for cutting and activating the refrigerant flow in the refrigeration plant. The are generally installed in the liquid line, suction line and the hot gas line of the refrigerating system. Honeywell's 'M" generally offer a low pressure drop, making it possible for Hermetic construction to be directly operated. This means that no pressure differential is needed to open the valve or needed for it to be pilot operated. A minimum pressure differential of 0.05 bars is needed to open the valve. The refrigerants which are compatible with the 'M" are the HFC, CFC and HCFC. The different models available in the 'M' include the MA: direct operated and angle construction, The MD: direct operated and two-way construction and the MS: pilot operated and two-way construction.

are units that utilize a to control activation of the . The different methods of actuation include pneumatic, electro pneumatic and electro hydraulic. In an unpowered state, the are either normally open or closed. The tandem center valve has the pressure and tank ports connected and the service points remain blank. This enables the system to provide isolation of the service lines while unloading. The float center valve on the other hand, features a closed supply pressure port, while the other ports are interconnected. This makes the flow available to the other service lines while the supply pressure port is closed.

The following are the different models of available.

• Up to 90 degree (TG )

• Up to 180 degree (TGK )

• Liquid medium (AB )

• Gaseous and liquid medium (GB )

• Media up to 180 degree (GK )

• Hot water, steam, up to 120 degree (LG )

• Hot water, steam, up to 180 degree (LGK )

• Portable water (AT )

• Neutral liquid medium (AV )

• Gas, liquid gas/fuel (K )

also offers the 'V' which include VE4000B3, VE4000B1, VE4000C, VE400AA, VE4000S and VE4000A.

The various gas include, safety , regulators, sampling , pressure relief and pneumatic . also offers shut off , servo , toggle, underwater and anti-siphon gas . Other varieties of from include the steam and skinner . offers other parts such as actuators, dampers, motors and igniters.

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