Buy honeywell programmable thermostat

Mechanical thermostats are easy to use and generally less expensive than their programmable counterparts. Please see our line voltage mechanical thermostats, pump mechanical thermostats, and general 1 1 cool mechanical below. Complete 1 year warranty (when installed by a trained professional) on all orders. RC-80 Single stage conventional ing and cooling systems Thermostat (not for pumps).1 stage , 1 stage cool. Can be set to only or cool only. Adjustable anticipator. Use for: forced air, radiant , hydronic , steam, electric, gas, oil, etc. Can power steal for retrofitting /cool systems with only 4 wires? Single stage ing and cooling systems, non pump. The most recognizable temperature control is Honeywell's T87F 2873 The Round Thermostat. The T87F Honeywell programmable thermostat has been keeping homes comfortable for over 40 years. Its reliable performance, classic styling, and convenience make it the industry standard. Stay comfortable this season with the 1F95-371 Multi stage thermostat. Its energy-efficient programming operation can reduce ing and cooling costs up to 33%! The Energy Management Recovery in the white rogers lets the thermostat automatically select the proper time to start ing or cooling for the most efficient temperature recovery possible, while at the same time, maintaining the desired comfort level. With better system management and better backup memory, the fail-safe, permanent memory retains all installer and user setting in the event of power failure. Plus, no batteries are required making this the most reliable unit on the market. It also has a unique Warm Air Start option that eliminates the blast of cold air pump owners can experience at the start of the ing cycle. It offers up to a 30 second blower delay, warming the air before the blower starts.