Buy Honeywell Non-Programmable Thermostats

As a leader in the HVAC market and especially the heating industry, company offers an extremely diverse heating and heat control product list. Of this list, the most important products are the, which are used by technicians, contractors and homeowners throughout the world. Their revolutionized the heating control industry and are among the most reliable in the industry, offering high quality services and extreme accuracy. The can be either programmable or . Let’s take a look at 's section.

Their provide basic control of your cooling and heating system. The difference and only set-back against programmable, is that the versions can’t choose preset temperatures in advance. You will need to manually adjust the each time you want to change temperature levels, which might be uncomfortable to some (after you had a programmable , a one will seem like having to push the On button on your TV, when your remote isn’t working). Nevertheless, they have extensive experience in producing , developing these heating and cooling controllers for over 100 years. The can be either or non-.

The use an electronically controlled interface to setup the temperature comfort you need. You can choose to either install these yourself, since they are not as complicated as programmable , but if you think you can’t handle the installation process, or don’t want to risk breaking your , you can always call a professional team to do it for you. include the manufacturer's Round , , Electric Heat , PRO T8775 , and Focus PRO .

Thier have a large backlit screen that is quite comfortable to use and an easy-to-open battery door that allows you to change your ’s battery in a comfortable manner. Because of the clear display, the can be easily viewed during the night and can also be read in various lighting conditions. You can simply raise or lower temperature and cooling with the help of the four buttons on the . The model comes with a one-year warranty.

The Round offers a new, completely original round design, which will look great on any surface you mount it on. The neutral colors of the also help. In case of a power outage, the memorizes your last temperature settings and restores them once power comes back on. The temperature is easily adjustable and the icon-based temperature system will prove to be useful. A flame icon will indicate that the is heating up, while a snowflake will show you that the cooling system is on. The , like all do-it-yourself models, offers a 1-year warranty.

The Electric Heat is included in the professionally installed category. It features an easy to read backlit display, precise temperature control and a design that will fit on most surfaces and will look great. The temperature control is easy, being set by only two, up or down, buttons. The comes with a 5-year warranty that shows the confidence of the manufacturer in this product model.

The PRO T8775 is a symbol of quality and reliability for over 50 year now. The round shape looks great with all home environments and the great lighting conditions increase its visibility in low-light conditions. The temperature control is done with a twist of the round cover ring of the , which clicks when a change is made. The model comes with a 5-year warranty, like most of the professionally installed from .

The last model from the series, is theFocus PRO . The model’s “motto” is “Simplicity and Comfort That’s Easy to See” and this is backed up by the ’s features. The Focus PRO offers the highest degree of temperature control and features the largest screen of its class, making the “Easy to See” part of the motto come to life. It displays both set and room temperatures and it offers other small, but useful, features like a flip-out battery door, a visibility adjuster so you can view the screen in low-light conditions, a precise comfort control and of course, the extensive 5-year warranty, which comes with all professionally installed .

Besides the series, theyl also offers , non- models, although they are not as sought-after as their more comfortable counterparts. The main advantage of the non- is that they offer straightforward temperature control systems and you might feel that they are more effective and simple. Their design is a little different from the models but they still fit perfectly with every surface you mount them on, because of their neutral colors (white, gray, beige, etc).

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