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Honeywell company is well known for its extremely reliable and high quality HVAC , and the home comfort zoning makes no exception to the rule. If you are unfamiliar with the term “ zoning”, we should give you a small example. You buy a simple thermostat and program it to heat up the a set number of degrees. However, one room might be chillier or hotter on itself, due to solar heat coming from the windows or because it is more shadowy, thus cooler. Without a you will never get to provide a totally comfortable atmosphere in your home, because what is comfortable in your family room for example, might be to warm for the bedroom or the dining room.

Picture a 4 person family, each family member having different rooms and different sensitivities and preferences. The father likes to spend his time in the living room and loves it to be cooler, the mother spends most of her time in her office room and likes it to be moderately warm, while the two kids sharing the bedroom are more sensitive to colds and need a higher warmth level. Now, with a normal thermostat and heating you will never be able to please all four family members, because what will be a perfect setting for one or two of them, will be totally uncomfortable for the rest of them. But with the, you can program the in each room or in each zone of your household differently and according to each member’s needs. You can turn the heat down a little in the living room for the father, you can leave a moderate in the office room for the mother and you can turn the heating crank up a bit for the bed room, and the cold sensitive children. This way the whole family is safe and comfortable, with the help of the .

The Networked is the most advanced in the entire industry and it is one of the most configurable ones. The ease with which it can be installed is unparalleled and their Envira Com communications and the patented algorithms will keep your efficiency, productivity and reliability to a maximum setting. TheNetwork consists of the following components: a T8635L thermostat, a C7835 discharge air sensor, conventional ZD rectangular or ARD round dampers, a W8835 zone panel and either a W8735A or a W8735B access module component. These components make your network extremely easy and comfortable to use. You will be able to two or three zones with the basic , although it can be configurable to a maximum number of nine zones in case you need them.

The communicating thermostat of the Network features a bright LCD display that not only looks extremely hi-tech and sleek, but it also proves extremely useful in low light conditions, a lot of pre-programmed settings, a proven energy saving program, easy setpoint changes and the ability to be mounted almost anywhere you need it, regardless of the surface (as long as it’s solid).

Other applications of the are in the of single or multi-stage heat pumps, in gas, electric, or oil heat pump thermostats, the of conventional heating and cooling and many more. Its programmability range is for 7 day periods and can consist of three dial-up numbers for easier use, power outage memory programmability that allows the restoration of your settings in the case of power outages, zone name-based programmability, filter alerts and dial-out alerts.

Their second is the Conventional . This provide maximum flexibility with an ease of application and the benefits of event . There are several models in this series, ranging from the flexible EMM-3U model, to the full-featured TZ-4 or the economical EMM-3 model.

The TZ-4 is a four-zone panel that is designed to offer changeover possibility from any zone thermostat. It includes single, dual or three-stage heating and two stage-cooling for most .

The EMM-3U either single, multi-stage, conventional or heat pump equipment and it can be used in both two or three-zone applications in most out there. EMM stands from Electronic Minizone, which is a panel kit that s heating and cooling equipment, also featuring a discharge air sensor.

Other similar Conventional models include the TAZ-4 (TotalZone Add-A-Zone), the TMAC II (Timed Make-up Air ) or the TVC (Timed Ventilation ) . All of the Conventional series models are perfect for home appliances, offering 3 or 4 zones, which is more than you will need in a simple household environment. However if you are planning on in commercial or industrial environments, or if you have a larger house with a lot of rooms, you might want to consider the Network from company, which are more suitable for larger applications (some of them being able to 9 zones at a time).

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