Buy Honeywell Control Company

Honeywell’s history is traced back to the year 1885, when Minnesota based engineer and inventor, Albert Butz, patented a new invention called a furnace regulator. Having some success with this invention, he formed his own , the Butz Thermo-Electric Regulator and hastily started work on his newest project: the “damper f lapper”, one of the first dampers ever to be manufactured. His was purchased by the Minnesota Heat Regulator (MHR), a few years later, in 1893. Meanwhile, in Indiana, a young entrepreneur and engineer named Mark They were patenting the heat generator and in 1906 started his own called the Heating Specialty . By 1927, the two companies, the Minnesota Heat Regulator and the Heat Regulator merged and formed the that still stands today: the Corporation.

The Corporation is dedicating to manufacturing a large variety of products, tools, accessories and appliances. Their heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration products include controllers, transducers, pneumatic transducers, thermostats, velocity controls, temperature controls, solenoid valves, skinner valves, damper actuators, zone valves, smart valves and other excellent products, tools and accessories from the manufacturer.

Thealso dedicates its work to building contractors and technicians who want to replace or installcomponents. A large variety of products is specifically designed for the use in larger systems, components like flue dampers, gas valves, regulators, controls, and aquastat parts.

The also provides other related services and their product line is suited for all home, commercial or industrial appliances. The components have found excellent use in the car manufacturing industry or in the aerospace industry. A list of other services include solutions for homeowners, with a huge catalog of home comfort products, homeowner security systems, complete systems, components and tools for homebuilders, contractors and OEM’s, sensor and switch products specifically designed for industrial purposes, energy saving accessories and components, building systems, process controllers for industrial use, security solutions for facilities and institutions and safety solutions, including fire/smoke detection, remote patient monitoring and so forth.

When it comes to appliances, they really stands out of the crowd. Let’s take a short peek at the main products in the -related appliances: heating, ventilation and air conditioning. provides solutions for home owners, commercial entrepreneurs and industrial engineers, in all three of these categories.