Buy Honeywell Actuator Valve

Valve actuators are a part of the products from actuators and mount on valves and move a valve in response to a signal to a desired position using an outside power source. There are several basic types of valve actuators:manual, electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic. Manual do not require an outside power source. They use a handwheel or lever to drive a series of gears whose ratio results in a higher output torque compared to the input (manual) torque. Electric use a single-phase or three-phase alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) motor to drive a combination of gears to generate the desired torque level. Pneumatic adjust position by converting air pressure into linear or rotary motion. Similarly, electrohydraulic and hydraulic convert fluid pressure supply into linear or rotary motion.

Pneumatic from provide proportional control of steam or hot or cold liquids in HVAC systems by operating V5011, V5013, and VGF assemblies. Replacement devices are available for older .

It offers a variety of pneumatic like :

  • MP953C1000
  • MP953C1018
  • MP953C1026
  • MP953C1067
  • MP953C1075
  • MP953C1083
  • MP953C1471
  • MP953C1489
  • MP953C1547
  • MP953C1554
  • MP953C1562
  • MP953D1107
  • MP953D1131
  • MP953D1172
  • MP953D1230
  • MP953D1248

All the above actuator come with a rolling diaphragm for long life and low hysteresis. They have a slide lock feature permits simple engagement to stem. It has Direct- or reverse-action control and does not include positive positioner.

come in different types -

  • Direct Coupled
    Among Honeywell's direct coupled actuator models are M6410, M6435, M7410, M7435, ML6420, ML6421, ML6425, ML6984, ML7420, ML7421, ML7425, ML7984.
  • Fan Coil
    The various fancoil models are VU443, VU444, VU843, VU844.
  • Cartridge Cage
    Honeywell's Cartridge Cage can control central heating and/or cooling systems, fan coil systems, radiators and convectors. Based on the model, it can be controlled by either a low or line voltage SPST or SPDT or floating or modulating controller such as a room thermostat, Aquastat control, flow switch or a 0/2 to 10 Vdc controller.
    The VC Series from provide various models like VC2110ZZ03, VC2114ZZ11, VC2114ZZ31, VC4013ZZ11, VC6011ZZ11, VC6834ZZ11, VC6930ZZ03, VC6936ZZ11, VC6936ZZ11-530, VC7934ZZ11, VC7934ZZ31, VC7936ZZ11-529, VC8114ZZ31, VC8711ZZ11, VC8714ZZ11 etc.

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