Buy Ge Dc Motors

GE DC motor is available at In GE DC motor magnets supply the magnetic field what interacts with the current within the armature to produce the motor effect. That's why brought together products from the fieriest brands within the automobile in addition to motor truck accessory market. General Electric general purpose DC are available in commercial and industrial offerings. They are designed for complete compatibility with industrial DC drive applications. are available in drip proof and totally enclosed enclosures. These are used for conveyors, textile machines, printing presses, packaging machines, extruders, fans, medical equipment. Features and Benefits include that in General Electric DC horsepower range: ¼ through 3500 HP and Armature voltage range: 90, 115, 180, 240, 500, 600, 700 volts. The class F insulation is present. DC is available in shunt, compound, stabilized shunt and commercial permanent magnet designs. General Electric DC is capable of 150% of rated load for 60 seconds. It can do continuous operation in 40C ambient. DC has the provisions for mounting tachometer kit. The continuous rated torque to 5% base speed on separately and blower ventilates and TENV . The Continuous rated torque to 60% on Drip Proof Fully Guarded and TEFC . TREC coils on Industrial CD360AT through CD6000 frames.