Buy Gas Honeywell Valve

Honeywell control valves are used for installation in homes, buildings or in the industry controls offer an optimal solution for a wide range of applications like vessel filling, pressure regulation, flow rate limitation, pump protection or overflow and safety functions. control valves where the media type is gas are called Gas Control . Gas valves are used to handle and control the flow of gaseous media such as liquefied petroleum and natural gas.

It offers different types of s like:

  • Diaphragm
    Different models in this category are V48A; V88A, V48J; V88J High Temperature Diaphragm , V4943A/V8943A , V4943B,N/V8943B,C,N, V4944B,L,N/V8944B,C,L,N. also provides Diaphragm Replacement .
  • Firing Rate
    Various models form include V51 , V5197 and 's Firing Rate .
  • Solenoid
    manufactures models like V4046, V4295, V4297A, v4297S, V8046, V8295, Solenoid Replacement and Accessories.
  • Industrial
    makes Safety Shut-off like V5055, V5097 and Replacement and Accessories for V5055/V5097. also makes Integrated Train Pipe Adapter.
  • Fluid Actuator
    Fluid actuators types manufactured by are V4055A,B,D,E, V4055F,G, V4062, V9055 and and Accessories for fluid Actuators.
  • Safety Shutoff
    The Double Block from are used to control eous fuels in -fired power burners, atmospheric boilers, ovens, furnaces, roof-top units, makeup air units, incinerators and other consuming appliances. makes models V4730C/V8730C , VMU and Shut-off and accessories.

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