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Change This Fedders Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of treatment including, , cleaners, dehumidifiers and humidifiers and thermal technology . They provide consumer, residential, cooling and heating and engineered solutions for residential, and industrial purification as well as that meet the demanding cleanroom, semiconductor and medical . They manufacture state of the art thermoelectric components and assemblies that provide precise temperature control in technology applications.

Fedders Corporation, headquartered in Liberty Corner, New Jersey, is a leading global manufacturer of treatment , including , cleaners, dehumidifiers and humidifiers, and thermal technology . Manufacturing facilities in Asia are located in Ningbo, Shanghai, Quanzhou, Xi'an, Suzhou and Nanjing, China, as well as in Dadra, India and Paranaque, Philippines. Manufacturing facilities in the United States are located in Illinois, North Carolina, New Mexico, New Jersey, and Texas. All are manufactured to Fedders' single standard of quality, worldwide.

In 2002, Fedders continued its strategy to expand its presence in new and existing by establishing its first factory in India and four new factories in China. These represent the greatest potential for growth for treatment . will continue to expand its presence in all of Asia and strengthen its position in North America by seeking additional strategic acquisitions and alliances. In March 2003, announced that it entered into a joint venture in Nanjing, China with the largest retailer of split type in China, the Suning Appliance Group. The joint venture, Suning Nanjing Co. Ltd. will manufacture split-type in China for the domestic Chinese market and for export to the rest of the world.

Also in 2002, established a strategic manufacturing presence in India, the second most populous country in the world. The newly established company, Universal Comfort Private Ltd., is a joint venture with Voltas Limited, a leading seller of in India. The operation produces a broad line of window and split system for the domestic Indian consumer market and for export.

Appliances, manufacturer and marketer of room and dehumidifiers for consumer in the United States and Canada, in 2002 acquired an conditioner manufacturing operation in Shanghai, China. Shanghai Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001 certified facility with the capacity to produce over one million room conditioner units per year, making it the company's largest supplier of product. Appliances also maintains a North American manufacturing base at its Effingham, Illinois factory.

Rotorex Company, Fedders' rotary compressor subsidiary, entered into a joint venture in January 2002 with Dong Fang Electromechanical, to manufacture rotary compressors for , in Xi'an, China. Xi'an Dong Fang Conditioner Compressor Co., Ltd. provides Fedders, and other conditioner manufacturers, a source of high efficiency compressors.

Enhancing its competitive position as a world leader in thermoelectric , Fedders' subsidiary, Melcor Corporation, a manufacturer of thermoelectric , in 2002 formed a joint venture company, Quanzhou Melcor Hua Yu Thermoelectric Company, Ltd., in Quanzhou, China. Melcor Hua Yu, along with Melcor's manufacturing facility in Trenton, New Jersey, manufactures that provide precise temperature control in such advanced technology applications as medical appliances and laser technology.

Indoor Quality consists of the company's Envirco, Trion and Herrmidifier with North American production facilities in North Carolina and New Mexico. In February 2002, Indoor Quality established a manufacturing base in Suzhou, China to manufacture residential, and industrial cleaner . This facility strengthens the company's position in the high-growth Chinese market. Envirco produces HEPA and ULPA cleaners for cleanroom applications in the semiconductor and medical . Trion provides and industrial with a full range of to meet their clean needs as well as Herrmidifier humidification systems that are used in both residential and industrial/ applications.

Unitary , through Eubank Company, Inc., provides unitary conditioning equipment for and residential applications to around the world. Product lines include residential central conditioning systems, including condensing units, handlers, gas furnaces, cleaners and humidifiers, as well as packaged for residential, and telecommunications applications. In 2002, Unitary began manufacturing 1.5 to 5 ton cooling and heat pump condensing units in China, providing low cost, high quality product for global .

Since 1995, Fedders' first joint venture in China, Xinle, has been manufacturing for global consumer and /industrial . Throughout the last seven years, Xinle has grown in capacity and quality, allowing the joint venture to better serve the global treatment .

Also serving global /industrial is Koppel, a leading manufacturer of room and packaged in the Philippines, acquired by in 2000. This facility gives an increased share of the Philippine market and provides an expanded presence in the strategically important ASEAN region.

International sales offices are strategically located around the world to serve the needs of our customers in major growth for all of the company's treatment . In Asia, sales offices are located in China, India, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore. Polenz, the largest distributor of in Germany, acquired by in 2001, and Trion Ltd. in the United Kingdom sell the company's throughout Europe. International's Miami office serves the Latin American .

continues to actively pursue additional strategic acquisitions and alliances to support continued growth in new and existing .

Fedders, the leading manufacturer of treatment appliances, offers a full line of , portable and dehumidifiers. Available under the Fedders, Emerson Quiet Kool or Maytag brand names these provide quiet, efficient comfort for any home.

Unitary provide cost effective solutions for today's value minded homeowner. and Trion brands deliver comfortable high efficiency central conditioning and heating, while at the same time improving the indoor quality of your home.

Unitary provide a wide range of options for HVAC applications. Marketed under the Fedders, Trion, Eubank and Sun brands, these specialize in delivering high efficiency, dependable -conditioning and heating for applications including modular buildings, telecommunications towers, schools, hotels and other applications.

Within Indoor Quality, their expertise is focused on providing high quality indoor quality solutions to the customers worldwide. Trion Inc. provides purification systems for indoor and industrial clean applications. Herrmidifier, provides engineered humidification systems for indoor and industrial humidification needs. Envirco, innovators in clean technology, provides clean systems that meet the demanding needs of the cleanroom, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and medical .