Buy evaporative coooler thermostat

The advantages of the evaporative cooler thermostat over mechanical thermostats are increased precision and control over on-time. The reason for controlling on-time is that there is an optimum amount of time that a heating device should be on. If convection to a thermostat is not good, over-heating will occur before turn off. Conversely, if a thermostat is close to the source of heat, too much switching on and off will occur. With this thermostat, the sensor can be placed close to the source of heat for rapid response, while the timer holds the heat on for a fixed amount of time. Tracking the sensor in the usual manner is also possible with the zero on-time setting. The Lennox thermostat the combination temperature and humidity control in one device easy−to−use, menu driven. − Auto Changeover − Displays automatic Indoor Air Quality reminders for filters and Lennox humidifiers when routine maintenance is required − Security protection prevents tampering with programming menus, set points or setup functions − Compressor short cycle protection (5 minutes) −Energy efficient recovery − Allows gradual recovery from setback temperature to reduce energy usage − Compact, high impact plastic case, sleek design, egg shell color − 7 day, 5/2 day, or 5/1/1/day programming; 2, 4, or 6 events per day − Maintains all programmed parameters indefinitely in the event of a power outage. Time−of−day is retained for at least two hours. No battery required −Copy from one day's programming to another − Temporary 3−hour override, Permanent override, Temporary adjustable override (1 to 12 hours) and Adjustable vacation override (1 to 45 days) − Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display − 12 or 24 hour display − Humidification control in heating mode only. This pneumatic thermostat helps in dehumidification control with or without cooling. Waterproof line voltage thermostat precisely and automatically controls your heating, cooling or ventilation systems from 30° to 110°F. 16 full load Amps. 120V AC unit is UL listed. Includes 8ft. cord. U.S.A.