Buy Erie Zone Valves Thermostats

Erie control equipment is one of the best in the industry when it comes to temperature control. Erie Valves Company has been manufacturing HVAC control equipment for the past 55 years and is well known for its superior quality parts and brilliant performance in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. control equipment is used in public as well as private buildings for maintaining perfect temperature control and providing great usage throughout the year.

Erie zone valves thermostats are ideal for use in large buildings as well as small homes. These microprocessor based thermostats are highly advanced and combine versatility, power and simplicity of use in one unit. The Zone valve and their controllers are manufactured to handle all kinds of harsh working conditions like voltage fluctuations and power overloads.

Here are some examples of Zone Valves that are suitable for wide scale and small scale use:

T200 : This of valve can be used in houses or shops where low voltage heating and cooling is required.•T157 : This of valve are ideal for singular digital control of terminal units and fan coils.•T155 : In places where low voltage and line control of relays, fan motors and valves is required, T155 valve are perfect for use.•T158 : This is one of the most popular in the catalogue. This of have a digital display and these can be used to control fan coil units and terminal units.•T168 : This comes with a digital display that makes the control of appliances easy. The valve from this can be used for controlling heat pumps, and air handling units.•T500 : In low voltage and low line of fan motors and fan coil appliances, this of valve are ideal for control.•The 31-100 : This of valve are used in both heating and cooling applications. The thermostats have an adjustable heat anticipator and fixed cooling anticipator. Browse through our site for more information on the best selling models of Zone Valves Thermostats.