Buy Erie Valves Company

Erie Valves Company is one of the most reliable companies for industrial-grade repair parts. Be it multiple zone switching relays, hydronic valves or chip based temperature controllers, Valves Company provides you with excellent quality parts at lowest prices. At HVAC PLUS, the full range of zone valves and products are available, and you can find everything from modulating to damper actuators here.

Erie Company is known for manufacturing durable parts which are easy to install and use. The HVAC control by Erie are perfect for residential, industrial or commercial use. Two of the most popular valves by Company are-motorized and modulating .

The motorized or Pop Top are designed for controlling both hot and cold water. The motorized zone by offer an easy-to-mount, tool-free actuator system as well as manual override levers and a fail-safe spring return operation Valve Company manufactures four types of motorized zone , i.e., 1/2", 3/4" and 1" sweat , 1/2" and 3/4" NPT/Rp , Inverted flare union , 1" NPT/Rp valve.

Erie modulating valves are conventionally small and can be fit in applications of all sizes. These are compact, electric that serve various heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These modulating can be either spring return or non-spring return operated. Two categories of modulating that are available at HVAC PLUS are- VM PopTop Modulating , Globe . The globe by are available in different , such as VBG globe , VAP globe , VAT globe .

The VM valves are either 2 ways or 3 ways and it also depends on your preferences and the actuator you plan to use. If you go for the spring return versions, they are beneficial in case of power cut as they have the ability to release the actuator to its original position. It's a really valuable tool in case of power failure and other related emergencies. The VM modulating by also have magnetic clutches which improve upon the durability of your system

The hydronic zone valves by Erie are available in two different i.e. C hydronic zone which are motorized and are applicable in most heating and air conditioning functions and R hydronic zone are made of brass. The R valves can work in both hot and cold water and also come with a two year warranty.