Buy Erie Pop Top

Erie pop top series presents one of the fastest changeable controls. Erie’s innovatory Pop Zone actuators are so easy to use that you even remove the valve actuator manually. Erie’s PopTop zone valves are designed for applications like fan coil and baseboard and used for controlling the flow of hot water, cold water and steam flow. Pop Top is very economical as they allow the operator to switch actuators without a linkage or calibration. Pop Top valves and Pop actuators are easy to install and can easily fit in small enclosures due to their compact design. They are available in factory coupled packages as well as individual bodies and actuators.

Erie Pop Top Actuator

Actuators are mechanical devices that offer functionality which helps in moving or controlling a system. actuators are one of the best in the industry and are known for their performance. has introduced a new range of actuators which are called Pop actuator. The Pop actuator is specially designed to be used in combination with the Erie’s new valve body. The Pop valves and Pop actuators are a perfect grouping for several heating and cooling applications. They are easy to install, very convenient to use, and extremely reliable.

The valve actuator can be installed onto the fan coil, radiation or air handler after the valve body has been installed. The variety and flexibility offered in the voltages and functions by the Pop Top series is amazing. Pop actuator feature synchronous motor driven spring return operation can be used in combination with most of the valves. Pop actuators are available in two different configurations open and closed but in variety of motor voltages. They can be directly mounted onto the valve body without any extra linkages and calibration.

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