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Erie has brought modern environmental comfort to commercial, industrial, and residential buildings worldwide for over 50 years with their line of quality HVAC . Erie products are manufactured by Invensys, which has a global sales network of over 500 offices. If you're a commercial builder with HVAC needs, you can trust Erie .

Erie Company product line includes:

•Motorized hydronic •Modulating temperature •Damper actuators,•Electronic and microprocessor based thermostats and lers•Boiler Boss single and multiple zone switching relaysErie Zone Hydronic - low cost, high quality answer to HVAC temperature

Motorized Erie zone hydronic are used to the flow of hot water, chilled water or low pressure steam in heating or air conditioning applications. Erie zone hydronic have been the standard of the industry for more than 55 years, and they are proving that every day with tens of millions in use around the world. Motorized Erie zone hydronic boast the highest system pressure rating in the industry.

Modulating temperature

Erie electrically operated modulating temperature are designed specifically for use in fan coil, VAV reheat, Unit Ventilator, AHU, baseboard and radiant applications. The compact design installs in small end compartments and still allows service access. Designed for use in hot water and chilled water applications. These highly reliable offer the most modern, cost effective available from any supplier.

Damper Erie actuators

Damper Actuators provide for forced air zoning and draft of solid fuel boilers and furnaces. The exclusive lost-motion drive protects the gear train from damage.

Electronic and microprocessor based thermostats and lers

electronic and microprocessor based thermostats and lers combine the simplicity of a thermostat with the versatility and power of a ler. Users enjoy ease of installation as well as the flexibility of applications and maximum compatibility that this combination provides.

The microprocessor led units combine a proportional plus integral (PI) algorithm with advanced adaptive logic. This provides precise and stable under varying system capacity and load conditions, without the need for tuning or calibrating the algorithm.

Boiler Boss single and multiple zone switching relays

Boiler Boss relays are the most advanced and reliable single and multiple zone switching relays on the market today. Simplified wiring and universal compatibility makes installation clear. The System 2400 series of boiler operating offers a simple and cost effective way to provide boiler reset and warm weather shutdown for baseboard or radiant hydronic heating systems. Integral circulator, DHW and burner outputs replace most triple-acting and cold start available. Boiler Boss Relays can be integrated for easy multiple zone expansion. – website for

The site has detailed pictures and information about the product line, including instruction sheets and sales literature. There is also extensive information on about parent company Invensys on the site, including all of its products, company news, contact information, a sales office locator, case histories, training opportunities, and a site map.