Buy Erie: Controls

Erie Company is well known for its valued HVAC systems, providing quality services and products in home, commercial and industrial environments. Over 50 years in the field of s have helped Erie s Company build up a reputation that still stands spotless to the date. have constantly improved over time. Their unique design and sleek structure have put them on the shopping list of many technicians, contractors and persons that needed them for home appliances.

The motorized are among the most prestigious in their product category. The applies a flow on chilled and hot water and provides a high system pressure rating. Their low cost/high quality ratio has been proven to be one of the most advantageous in the industry.

Motorized s include four types of Zone s:

•1/2",3/4" and 1" Sweat s•1/2" and 3/4" NPT/Rp s•Inverted Flare Union s•1" NPT/Rp Modulating s are electrically operated and are designed for use in a wide array of systems, including fan coils, unit ventilators, VAV reheat, AHU, baseboard and radiant applications. These modulating temperature s are highly reliable and they can be used in small end compartments, due to their compact, room saving design. These s can be either spring return or non-spring return operated.

Damper Actuators Three L, H and R

Their damper actuators the draft of solid fuel boilers and furnaces and also of their forced air zoning. The exclusive lost-motion drive protects the gear train from damage. Damper actuators come in three , the L, H and R. They are designed for a large variety of two-positions and damper applications on low pressure system. They can be either spring return or motor return dampers.

The L or light duty dampers use a two-wire thermostat, just like the H (or medium duty dampers). The only damper actuator that uses a three-wire thermostat is the heavy duty damper, also known as the R . All of them offer an end switch and a “lost motion” motor, which protects the gear train from closing shock. Their output system allows for a clock-wise or counter-clockwise direction of rotation and the operating temperature limits are approximately around 0 to 120°F (-17 to 49°C).

Their thermostats and lers have a unique feature in their electronic microprocessor. With the help of these microprocessors, the thermostats and lers coming from combine simplicity, versatility and power. The ease with which these lers are installed provides an increased comfort compared to other manufacturers and the maximum compatibility of all thermostats and lers is amazing. Using a proportional plus integral, or PI, and advanced adaptive logics, and the microprocessor unit provides precise and stable under all sorts of harsh system conditions, like overloads or varying system capacity.

Zone  Thermostats

zone s thermostats come in a variety of forms, categorized under a few .

•The T200 is useful for low voltage heating, single stage applications and cooling systems.•The T155 are perfect for low and line voltage of relays, fan motors and s in a vast number of applications.•The T157 is a good choice if you need a stand alone digital of terminal units and/or fan coils.•The T158 , one of the most acclaimed in the catalog, use a digital display, so you can easily fan coil units and terminal units.•The T168 is also used for stand alone digital of fan coils and terminal units, but it can also be applied to heat pumps, air handling units and it offers a digital display.•The modern T500 is perfect for low and line voltage of fan motors in fan coil applications, but in is an excellent solution for the of s and relays.•The 31-100 are especially made for heating and cooling applications and they have an adjustable heat anticipator and fixed cooling anticipator.•Last but not least, the 680 is a good option for low or line voltage change-over switches and the thermostats from this are designed to automatically switch from heating to cooling, based on a change in supply water temperature.

Boiler Boss Product

The last product type from their catalog is the Boiler Boss . Boiler Boss relays are extremely advanced and reliable and their simplified wiring and universal compatibility makes them a perfect candidate for ler of the Year. Their Boiler Boss product is quite cost effective and can be integrated for easy multiple zone expansions. It provides boiler resets, warm weather shutdowns for baseboard or radian hydronic heating systems and the DHW and burner outputs replace triple-acting and cold start s.

The Boiler Boss lers are divided into a few , depending on their features and usage: they are SR 100, VL 500, WA 300, BB 1200, BB 2400, BB 3000 and the BB 3600.

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