Buy Erie 3 Way Zone Valve

Erie modulating are used various HVAC applications. These electric are very compact offer excellent performance. Erie modulating are categorized under two heads:

Erie VM Series PopTop Modulating : The Erie's VM series are further divided into two categories 2-way valve or 3-way valve.•Globe : The Global can be classified into three groups VBG series globe , VAP series globe , and VAT series globe . Erie 3 way valve are used in closed hydronic heating and cooling systems. They are basically used two-position diverting control which is used to change fluid flow for fan coil units, ventilators, convectors, and baseboard radiation. The Erie 3 way valve is equipped with a magnetic clutch that helps to enhance the life of the equipment it is installed in. It is also outfitted with easy to use lever terminal which can be manual operated. It also comes with a special feature that helps to maintain the power control. This feature returns the actuator to normal position incase of power fluctuations and help to avoid many problems that can arise due to power failure.

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Erie is one of the leading companies that is known for producing high quality motorized or modulating in the industry. It caters to all your heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration requirement. 3 way are the best value for your money as they not offer excellent functionality but also very affordable. At HVAC Plus, we have an array of which include hydronic, Invensys, actuator , pop top control valve. We have a complete range of products and tools and you can use our exclusive shopping system to place your order.