Buy Electronic expansion valve

An electronic expansion valve performs the injection in the evaporator and ensures. Using this offer yet another advantage. It is the best of both worlds. For variable capacity systems, It provides superior performance as compared to a thermostatic expansion valve. Electronic valves work in a similar way to thermostatic valves, except that the temperature is sensed electronically and this signal is used to open and close the valve. Electronic valves are more expensive than other types and are most likely to be financially attractive when installed as part of a new installation or in retrofit to a larger system. The A/C is split into two sides, a high pressure side and a low. Before you go and replace that A/C check the inlet port screen .The allows the refrigerant to be sprayed on the evaporator. Most air conditioning systems have five mechanical components: A compressor; an or metering device; an evaporator coil. Thermostatic s (TXVs) are an optional upgrade to your air conditioning system. In an air conditioning system, refrigerant flow to the evaporator varies according to the pressure in the suction line. There are three kinds of control s for liquid:-Three types or liquid control devices are included: capillary tube, thermostatic , and an automatic valve. Vehicles are found to have primarily three different types of air conditioning systems. While each of the three types differs, the concept and design are very similarto one another.