Buy Double Solenoid Valve

Direct-Acting Solenoid Valves open and close regardless of the pressure and flow: so long as the published maximum inlet and back pressure are not exceeded. In Direct-Acting s the energized coil magnetically pulls-up on the core, which is attached to the shaft and seat, thus overpowering the spring and opening the valve orifice. For closing, the coil is de-energized and the spring now pushes the core, shaft and seat back to the normally closed position. This style valve does not require any minimum line pressures or differentials to operate. Examples of Direct-Acting include Plast-O-Matic Series EASYMT/EASMT, EAST, EASYM, EASM, EASTMD/EASMD and EUC Models. A well known Company for Steel valve is Gould, J. D. Co., Inc. - Indianapolis, IN Manufacturer, Service Company. Company Profile: ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturers & Designers Of Operated Control Valves - 1/8" - 2" NPT. 303 Or 316 Stainless Available American Made.

Ball valves is a general term we use for a distinct category of valves, which includes fire safe , panel mounted , actuated , high pressure and the likes. A valve, often referred to as a quarter turn valve, opens by turning a handle attached to a ball inside the valve. The ball includes a port or a hole that blocks flow through the valve. Once the port is in line with the ends of the valve, flow will be released. The materials from which ball are manufactured are metals, ceramics or plastics (or a combination of the three). To make the ball inside the valve more durable (remember, it will be the subject of high pressures and flow stress), some Alco are chrome plated to increase toughness. The liquid passageway is constructed so that if it’s not in line with the ends of the valve, no spills occur; protecting the valve and the system you are using it for. Ball are of various types like two way, three way, four way, and five way.