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The fields of Direct Digital (DDC) and hydronic heating are becoming increasingly intertwined. Future hydronic systems will make extensive use of s to enable adjustment and monitoring from remotes locations. Book HVAC devices will be joined to form local area networks allowing data sharing. These changes will improve performance and reduce cost. Hydronic heating professionals need to be ready for these new approaches to system . This book provides an excellent introduction to the subject, with background information on both popular protocols (BACnet and LonWorks).This book can be used as a text as well and a design reference for s systems commonly used in direct digital systems. It emphasizes important do's and don'ts as well as accepted rule-of-thumb used in system design. I recommend it as starting point for expanding your knowledge and applications skill with systems. The systems for can vary considerably in size and complexity depending on the size and needs of the system to be led. A direct ler computer is directly in the loop. Sensors and led devices are connected directly to the computer. The computer receives the input signals, computes what is needed, and sends output signals directly to the operators. This is the most widely used type The smallest unit is the package unit (PCU) The PCU is used to a single piece of equipment such as a chillier or boiler. A local unit (LCU) is the basic unit for an automatic system.