Buy Damper Honeywell

Honeywell company has been a leading provider of dampers over the years. Dampers from Honeywell meet the highest standards providing new features: Rugged construction, Improved Airflow, Less pressure loss, more accurate volume control.Honeywell are of two types:

  • Round
    • D690 series
      The D690 Round Damper is used in conventional air handling systems to control airflow in a round duct. The damper is designed for use with ML6161 and ML7161 Direct Coupled Actuators. The D690 series has different models like D690A1002, D690A1010, D690A1028, D690A1036, D690A1044, D690A1051.
    • DM7600
      The DM7600 Commercial Zone Damper is used in zoning systems to control airflow in a round duct. A ML6161 or ML7161 Direct Coupled Actuator is factory mounted to the damper to simplify field installation. The DM76000 series has different models like DM7600A1005, DM7600A1013, DM7600A1021, DM7600A1039, DM7600A1047, DM7600A1054, DM7600B1004, DM7600B1012, DM7600B1020, DM7600B1038, DM7600B1046, DM7600B1053.
  • Rectangular dampers
    rectangular include models like D20, D2P, D3P, D30. The D640 and D642 Series Rectangular Volume Control from are also very popular models. The D640 series is a general purpose damper intended for applications where low leakage performance is not necessary. The D642 series is an ultra-low leakage control damper which includes blade and jamb seals.

dampers offers high quality workmanship and excellent performance. dampers are built for installation flexibility, reliability and reduced callbacks. Dampers offer the following advantages:

  • Quick
    provides a wide variety of available sizes in both round and rectangular versions. And the mechanical visual position indicators make installation and operation easier. You need to stock lesser parts since supports Universal application.
  • Durable
    Riveted for extra strength and long-term use. Rugged gear construction, two-piece blade bearing and reinforced blade construction add to the long product life.
  • Non-polarized, 2-wire actuator
    This makes installation foolproof and simple.
  • Adjustable
    Minimum and maximum position are completely adjustable, hence customised fine tuning is possible.
  • DuPont Kevlar Gears
    Built with gears containing DuPont Kevlar fiber. Kevlar is five times stronger than steel on an and is lightweight and flexible, giving damper gears increased life.

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