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The Honeywell company, introduced the Multifunction Controller in 1980 for TDC 2000®/TDC 3000®/TotalPlant® Solution (TPS). The Multifunction Controller enhanced the capabilities of the Basic Controller by providing new I/O and logic control capabilities. It also enabled the unique functionality of peer-to-peer networking. The Multifunction Controller followed on the successes of the Basic and Extended Controllers as part of the world’s first commercially available Distributed Control System.

Honeywell’s hybrid controllers combine loop and logic control in a single cost-effective platform. The HC900 Hybrid Controller is ideal for unit process applications requiring analog measurements with discrete actions. provides controllers to satisfy all areas of the HVAC domain for industrial purposes.

A cost-effective platform for combining loop (analog) and logic control is provided by the HC900 hybrid controller provides. Hybrid control is ideal for unit process applications requiring analog measurements with discrete actions, discrete measurements with analog actions and discrete measurements with discrete actions. When networked with Honeywell's Experion system for supervisory control, the HC900 controller turns out to be perfect for stand-alone processes, skid-mounted systems and other periphery operations in a process facility. The HC900's redundancy capability allows it to be used in applications where maximum process uptime is needed. The platform hence provides excess power supplies and CPUs which can be used for other requirements.

Honeywell’s Universal Digital Controllers, also known as UDC’s, are devices based on a microprocessor that controls temperature, flow, pressure, cooling, heating, ventilation and other similar variables. These Universal Digital Controllers can either be single-loop or dual-loop and meet any application’s requirements, making your life more comfortable and more pleasurable.

Honeywell's Universal Digital Controllers comes come in various models like UDC2300, UDC3000, UDC3300, UDC5000,UDC 6000 and UDC6300

Honeywell also provides other HVAC parts including controllers, valves, actuators, dampers, motors, heat pumps, ignitors etc.