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Unplug The automatic drain valve assembly from the side of front cover. Now you can reinstall the front cover. American Works covers rubber-seated butterfly valves, 3 in. (75 mm) through 72 in.(1800 mm) in diameter, with various body and end types, for fresh for fresh having a pH range from 6 to 10 and a temperature range from 33 to 125F (0.6 to 52C). B2B China Trade Directory is a full listing of Control Valve manufacturer & supplier online. B2B manufacture Directory contains full listing of Solenoid Valve manufacturer. The Flood Stop system uses automatic solenoid valves to shut off the supply whenever your washing machine leaks. Solenoid Valves is two valves, 3/4 inch "hose threaded" with union. The brass solenoid valves (3 or 4 way) will handle air or . Solenoid operated valves handling combustion system pilot & main line fuel shutoff & control needs. To test the solenoid valve, use a multimeter.You can install your own submersible well pump system. Most private wells have a single check valve which prevents. The in the column pipe from falling back into the well. The line from the well can either be a suction line with a foot valve at the bottom or it can support a deep-well type submersible pump. Air valves allow metered fluid flow in one or both directions. As the pipeline fills, enters the Air Valve, raises the float and shuts-off. American Works Association guides operators in the selection, installation & maintenance of air valves in drinking supply applications. Replacing shut off valves is easy whether it be liquid or gas. If you are replacing a dishwasher, remove the old dishwasher first, Then turn off the supply valve. In a typical tank, the float rising with the level in the tank operates the inlet valve to shut off the when it is full.