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Copeland Corporation, a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Company since 1986, is a world leader in the production of compressors, condensing units and electronics for commercial refrigeration and residential and commercial air conditioning applications. Founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1921 by Edmund Copeland, the company has established an international reputation for technological innovation, manufacturing excellence, quality and service. For eight decades, Copeland has grown to more than 8,000 employees worldwide and is one of the largest and most respected businesses in the Emerson organization. They offer many HVAC supplies and solutions for the commercial or industrial builder.

Copeland has always been at the forefront of new industry developments, so it is not surprising that the company has assumed a leading position in the race to develop environmentally safe refrigerants for the next century.

Over the past five years, Copeland has developed a series of new HFC products to support the need for chlorine-free systems, including products designed to work with R-134a, R-407C and R-410A refrigerants. They offer a range of displacements for both residential and commercial air conditioning. Compressors up to 90 horsepower are available today, and up to 140 horsepower models are planned for future introduction.

Copeland Hermetic Compressors

For over 30 years, and now with an installed base of more than 50 million, the Copeland CR family of hermetic compressors is the leader in reciprocating performance. The CR is the industry's best-selling reciprocating compressor and has been relied upon by contractors and manufacturers for its proven track record for efficiency and reliability. With its broad range of air-conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration applications, it has been widely accepted and has become a staple in the industry. With the release of the new R-410A based CP8 platform and the versatility of the CR Copeland hermetic compressor model line-up, customers have several technology choices to meet their ongoing needs.

The 1/8 to 5 HP Copeland brand hermetic reciprocating compressors provide cost-effective solutions to systems requiring a wide range of evaporating capability. More than 300 models are available for applications including walk-in cooler / freezer, ice machines, soft serve machines, FCB (Frozen Carbonated Beverage) machines, air dryers, and beverage dispensers.


Improved efficiency, proven technology and ease of application are the key features that make the number one in its class.

Improved gas management and next generation Discus valve technology provide better operating efficiency, particularly with operating conditions where the semi-hermetic compressor runs most often. The streamlined body of the 4D and 6D models improves gas flow and oil management, and increases efficiency. Enhanced 4D and 6D solid post Discus retainers increase efficiency and lower sound levels by 3 to 5 dBA from those of existing Discus models. These new semi-hermetic compressors feature improved head designs that lower sound levels by reducing discharge pulsation levels. A unique crankcase ventilation system manages oil better and reduces the oil circulation rate drastically.

The latest generation of 3D technology is incorporated into the 4D and 6D to provide even greater reliability over the operating life of the compressor. These models are compatible with the Sentronic lubrication protection system - the industry's most accurate and one that requires no capillary tubes that can break or leak, and offers maximum compressor protection as well as environmental integrity. To improve serviceability and ease of conversion, the upgraded 4D and 6D have the same footprint, mounting feet and service valve locations, and near equal capacities to previous models for drop-in replacement of existing 4D and 6D compressors.

These new models are designed for lower sound, reduced pulsation and simplified application to lower the applied cost. These improved compressors are also designed for the broader application of environmentally acceptable refrigerants, ensuring that the is the right technology for today and tomorrow.

Here is a closer look at the different semi-hermetic Copeland Compressor models.

  • Copeland K semi-hermetic compressor: The most popular selling is the K model. The Copeland K-Body has a long-standing reputation for having the ability to reliably maintain lower temperatures inside freezers, ensuring superior food quality for ice-cream and other frozen foods. The company created the K semi-hermetic compressor to save their customers money in every corner of their operation. They designed the compressor's pistons for increased cooling capacity and installed an energy efficient motor that saves electricity. Durable bearings were installed for longer freezer life and allowed the Copeland K to run at lower operating speeds to reduce both sound and vibration. The result: a that helps you save energy while cutting operating expenses and reduce service calls and maintenance costs.
  • Semi-Hermetic reciprocating compressors: The reciprocating compressors are available in 20 to 240 Horsepower for air conditioning, high, medium, and low temperature applications. Some Models are ER, NR, MR, 4R, 6R, 8R, 9R, 2D, 4D, 6D, 8D, and 3D reciprocating compressors models.

The design of the reciprocating compressor is somewhat similar to a modern automotive engine, with a piston driven from a crankshaft making alternate suction and compression strokes in a cylinder equipped with suction and discharge valves. Since the is a positive displacement pump, it is suitable for small displacement volumes, and is efficient even at high condensing pressures and high compression ratios. Other advantages of a are its adaptability to a variety of refrigerants, the fact that liquid refrigerant may be easily run through the connecting piping because of the high pressure developed by the compressor, its durability, basic simplicity of design an relatively low cost.

The modern trend in air conditioning and refrigeration industry is towards more compact, easy to handle and automatic operation units. The is best suited for such needs and gives the benefits of both open drive and hermetic compressors.

  • Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressors: There are sixteen different Copeland semi-hermetic screw compressors for a wide range of applications.
  • Copeland Discus semi-hermetic Compressors: These compressors have, for years, been the choice and the standard in the refrigeration industry. Equipped with CoreSense Protection, these models save energy and money because they are the most energy-efficient compressors available for your refrigeration needs. Discus compressors have led the industry in energy efficiency for decades, delivering more energy efficiency than any reed compressor technology. And the company’s Discus valve technology is designed to meet a broad range of application requirements. Copeland Discus compressors with CoreSense Protection are also built to last, saving you even more money in maintenance and service calls. They are engineered for high quality and outstanding reliability.

With the Copeland Discus Digital compressor with CoreSense Technology, there is no compression taking place during the modulation off cycle; it allows the motor to move the crankshaft without any thermodynamic work, which in turn reduces power consumption.

With the Copeland Discus compressor with CoreSense Diagnostics, the benefits are even greater. The integrated electronics package enables a simpler refrigeration supermarket rack, reduces maintenance costs, and helps guide facility management decisions.