Buy Control Process Valve

Johnson s is a premium manufacturer of equipment, making a firm stand in the HVAC market ever since its foundation in 1885. Johnson products are used in millions of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems through out the world, in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Great Britain, Australia and many other European, American and Asian countries. One of the markets where Johnson s is still an industry leader is in Johnson valves, and Johnson actuators. Johnson Valves are used to the flow of heating, air and ventilation and refrigeration liquids in a HVAC system and they are powered by the actuator.

OEM Heater Systems by Farnam is also known as the Series 7550 which is a family of user-friendly self contained panels that provide a complete system valve specifically designed for accurate and safe of inline air heaters. Global Spec is a famous name in the industry of manufacturers valve, manufacturing almost all types of valves namely process valves, system valves, Johnson valves, and 3-way valves. Valve Series V 2001 is a Three-way Valve for Heat Transfer Oil V 2001 with Pneumatic or Electric Actuator. Snubber valve V-9 is one of the 3 valve way which is infinitely adjustable for metering oil out of a gauge to prevent snapping of gauge pointer when load or pressure is suddenly released. The 3 valve way is also suitable as shut-off valve to protect the gauge during high cycling applications utilized with 1/2 nptf male and female threads for use with GA-1, GA-2 or GA-4 gauge adaptors.