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Robertshaw Industrial Products is an Invensys company. Headquartered in London, England, Invensys has over 80,000 employees. Invensys is a global electronics and engineering company that designs solutions to meet your total automation management and control requirements. Robertshaw control valves are built to be rugged and reliable in light industrial applications. Their versatile and proven designs are widely used by process industries, manufacturers, utilities and the military.

The Mini-Max VC-210 valves, noted for their bellows-sealed stems, are built with stainless steel investment castings and are specially designed for the control of water, steam, gas and vacuum.

Other features include:

•Full ported or low flow designs

•Direct and reverse-acting valve styles 1/2 in., 3/4 in. and 1 in.

•Molded reinforced diaphragms

•"Packless" bellows stem seal

•Two-way and three-way valves

•Stainless steel investment castings and trim

•Available with 1/4 in. internal trim

The Vc-210 B is compact, constructed for rugged environments and designed for control of water, gas, vacuum and more. This is the economical brass version of the VC-210 valve series.

Other features include:

•Direct and reverse-acting valve styles available in 1/2 in., 3/4 in. and 1 in.

•“Packless” bellows stem seal

•Two-way and three-way valves

The VC-230A and VC-231A are spring-opposed diaphragm actuators. They are designed to provide dependable on/off or throttling operation of control valves.

Other features include:

•Molded buna-N diaphragms, nylon reinforced

•Steel diaphragm cases

•Multiple steel springs

•Sturdy cast iron lower frame

•Quick disconnect valve stem construction

•Valve position indicator

•Field reversible

Robertshaw controls provide you with the automatic gas shut off boiler gas modulating valve. If the pilot light goes out, the gas valve can get stuck in an open position, permitting gas to continue to flow, possibly causing an explosion. Robertshaw Controls is recalling its TS-11 thermal safety control gas valve and the magnet head that accompanies it. The recalled gas valves were produced between February 2003 and August 2004. The “magnet heads” on the gas valves were made during the same range of dates. The recalled products can be identified by date codes 0306 through 0432. The TS-11 gas valve, with different manufacturing dates and a different hazard, was recalled in 2002.

The units were sold through original equipment manufacturers and food service equipment dealers to commercial food service providers (such as restaurants). Robertshaw Controls Company will arrange for free repair or replacement of the recalled gas flow control valves. If you smell gas near the appliance or in the building, immediately leave the area and call your gas company or a certified gas technician to investigate the cause. If you do not smell gas, check the pilot lights on your gas appliances. If any pilot lights are out, do not attempt to relight. Have the appliance examined by the gas company or a qualified technician. Have the date-code of your TS-11 gas valve ready when you contact Robertshaw. In case of an emergency, manually turning off the gas service shutoff valve is the most common method in stopping the flow of gas serving a building or part of a building. Gas service shutoff valves are installed by PG&E at all gas meter locations, or outside locations if the meter is not accessible from the outside.

The recall of products in the Robertshaw 7000 Series applies to certain models of 7000 Series valves but not all 7000 Series valves manufactured during the indicated timeframe are being recalled. Of particular note are model numbers containing the letters MV. Recalled gas valves include MV models that also include the letters LP and model numbers 7000AMV; 7000BMV; 7000BMV-S7CL; 7000MVLC; and 7000MVRCLC. All MV valves with the indicated date codes that have been converted to Liquid Propane (LP) gas use are also included in the recall. NOT included in the recall are model numbers 7010 and above; model numbers containing the letters D or BV; and model numbers containing the letters MV except for the ones listed above.

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Gas control valves are arguably one of the most important parts of any piece of machinery. The flow of everything ranging from steam to boiler gas levels needs to be contained, and gas control valves will help your machinery accomplish this task. Gas control valves are important to ensure not only the safety of the machine but also the people who may live their lives near these devices. It's important to be well-educated when it comes to gas control valves, so take a moment to properly educate yourself on all matters relating valves.

Robertshaw gas control valves are perhaps the most popular and reliability valves around. Located in London, England, the Robertshaw Industrial Products Company boasts thousands of employees and a world-renowned reputation when it comes to all things valve-related. If you want to buy control gas Robertshaw valve systems, you almost certainly need to do it with this company - their quality and dependability is simply unmatched.

The Mini-Max VC-210 gas valves are widely acclaimed as the most light and sturdy gas valves around. An additional benefit to the Mini-Max line of gas valves is that they can also handle small amounts of liquid control as well. The Mini-Max series has a number of different beneficial traits such as reinforced diaphragm openings, low flow designs, two or three way valves (depending on your needs) and a stainless steel casing to ensure added sturdiness.

If you have a need for outside gas valves, the VC-210 B gas valve may be the device of choice. These valves are specifically designed to handle a great deal of wear-and-tear, and they can also function as a liquid valve as well. Like the Mini-Max valve, these come in both two and three-way valves. The VC-210 B valve is primarily composed of brass and can withstand a great deal of natural corrosion.

If your machinery calls for constant throttling of control valves, the VC-230A or VC-231A gas valves may be for you. These gas valves are specifically designed with a nylon enforced steel diaphragm so that constant throttling may be permitted in order to optimize the control of volume of pressure for a subject gas. These valves are primarily composed of cast iron and contain steel springs that help with the throttling.

Deciding what gas valve is right for your devices is a very important decision to make. If you need assistance with making the right choice for your machinery, consider visiting Bryant Heating and Cooling systems has a wide selection of different valves as well as an expansive library full of different types of gas valves. If you need any assistance in the repair or maintenance of gas valves, or if you just want to buy control gas Robertshaw valve systems, give a look - you definitely won't regret all they have to offer.