Buy Control Gas Honeywell Valve

Control Honeywell are a part of the offerings from the Honeywell company to satisfy the larger Honeywell HVAC solutions. Honeywell provides total control solutions for all types of domestic (combination) boilers. There are different product families that combine diverse functions. makes complete systems that combine valve and ignitor functions. Options like electric modulating regulators, high/low regulators and /air operator regulators and accessories are available.

There are different types oflike:

  • Compact controls
    Compact controls are servo-operating combination controls and comprise a pilotstat, an operator and a straight line servo pressure regulator or throttle. Fully automatic of a combi boiler is provided when used in conjunction with a pilot burner, thermocouple and room or boiler thermostat.
  • Compact Automatic controls
    Compact Automatic combination controls comprise a standard body to which a range of sub-assemblies are factory fitted to give various system options. The Compact Automatic is used in a system context in conjunction with either a direct spark ignition (DSI), intermittent pilot (IP) of Hot Surface Ignition module
  • CVI The Combined Valve and Ignition (CVI) system has been developed for appliances with an automatic ignition system. The controls have been designed to have the S4565/S4575/S4585 series ignition control. The Combined Valve and Ignition Modulating system (CVI-m) has specially been developed for applications in fired appliances with direct burner ignition that require electric modulating of the input.
  • for appliances
    The V5474 is a non-electric multifunctional combination with mechanical modulation and on-off thermostat for temperature regulation of fired heating appliances. The V5474 is suitable for all es and provides modern design and easy single knob operation.
  • for Sanitary Hot Water Units
    The Combined Valve and Ignition (CVI) system has been developed for appliances with an automatic ignition system like Sanitary Hot Water Units. Various functional options include servo pressure regulation, throttle valve regulation, fully adjustable softlite etc.

Apart from this manufactures a range of Universal and Industrial . controls offers an optimal solution for a wide range of applications like vessel filling, pressure regulation, flow rate limitation, pump protection or overflow and safety functions. PLUS also provides other parts including controllers, , actuators, dampers, motors, heat pumps, ignitors etc. for all the needs. We can help you purchase a product and also to find a replacement to any of your part.