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Control valves or proportional valves are power-operated devices used to modify fluid flow or pressure rate in a process system. These valves are used throughout industry in many applications. Control types include globe, diaphragm, pinch, knife or gate, needle, butterfly, ball, and plug. Globe are linear motion with rounded bodies, from which their name is derived. They are widely used in industry to regulate fluid flow in both on/off and throttling service. Diaphragm are related to pinch , but use an electrometric diaphragm, instead of an elastomeric liner in the body, to separate the flow stream from the closure element. Instead of pinching the liner closed to provide shut-off, the diaphragm is pushed into contact with the bottom of the body to provide shut-off. Pinch include any with a flexible elastomer body that can be pinched closed, cutting off flow, using a mechanism or fluid pressure. Pinch are full bore, linear action so they can be used in both an off/on manner or in a variable position or throttling service. Gate or knife are linear motion in which a flat closure element slides into the flow stream to provide shut-off. Gate control are usually divided into two types: parallel and wedge-shaped. The parallel gate uses a flat disc gate between two parallel seats, upstream and downstream. Knife are of this type, but with a sharp edge on the bottom of the gate to shear entrained solids or separate slurries. Needle control have a slender, tapered point at the end of the stem that is lowered through the seat to restrict or block flow. Fluid flowing through the turns 90 degrees and passes through an orifice that is the seat for a rod with a cone shaped tip. Butterfly are quick opening that consist of a metal circular disc or vane with its pivot axes at right angles to the direction of flow in the pipe, which when rotated on a shaft, seals against seats in the body. The globe serves as a shutoff that also controls water pressure. Unlike the gate , this shutoff can be used partially open. Angled varieties are also available. Designed for both residential and commercial dwellings, the Water Heater Auto-Shutoff uses an automatic 9VDC 3/4-inch full port motorized ball to shut off the water supply whenever your water heater leaks. The non-intrusive devices can be installed in as little as 10 minutes; no professional plumbers are required. Don't risk your floors, carpets and other personal belongings to costly and ruinous water damage! Prevent flood damage and avoid costly repairs with the easy-to-install Water Heater Auto-Shutoff . This system not only detects leaks early, but it automatically shuts your water off in the event of a leak, alerting you with the control panel's alarm.