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Contact Us:Phone: (215) 525-1119 or "Request A Quote" introduces the most general Condenser Fan GE system which in useful for many commercial purposes. GE Industrial Systems is the industry leader for producing products for condenser fan and heat pump applications. Recent additions to the condenser fan and heat pump markets include a redesigned NEMA 42 frame Vision and a sub 42 frame (95 mm) which both utilize a cap/can design over the standard shell and end shield design. presents these condenser fans with the same efficiency. Here are some features and benefits of the condenser fan general electric which is presented by Condenser Fan s can be used in vertical applications with the shaft facing either an upward or downward direction. Standard shaft flats easily allow operation with many different condenser fans or blower wheels. s are available with quick-connect terminals for easy installation. Many different fan mountings are compatible, including belly bands, resilient rings, a resilient base, standard lug mount, or GE's special Torsion Flex lugs.