Buy Condenser Fan and Heat Pump Motor Applications

GE Industrial Systems is the industry leader for producing products for and heat pump applications, with our NEMA 48 frame product line leading the way. Recent additions to the and heat pump markets include a redesigned NEMA 42 frame Vision and a sub 42 frame (95 mm) which both utilize a cap/can design over the standard shell and end shield design.

The main features and benefits include points which distinguish the and heat pump applications from the rest of the manufacturer’s products. The vital features are that the s can be used in vertical applications with the shaft facing either an upward or downward direction .The second feature that stands out is the use of standard shaft flats which easily allow operation with many different s or blower wheels. s are available with quick-connect terminals for easy installation. Many different mountings are compatible, including belly bands, resilient rings, a resilient base, standard lug mount, or GE's special Torsion Flex lugs

The main application of and heat pump is in a rooftop unit .This unit packs complete refrigeration, heating, and air-handling capability into a single box. Rooftop units have one and for about every 5 tons of cooling capacity. These propeller s are usually coupled directly to one-horsepower induction s. The operates in much more difficult conditions than the evaporator : vertical mounting places a thrust load on its lower bearing, the stream of hot air makes it more difficult to cool the , and the is exposed to rain and snow .Replacement costs for a typical on a commercial rooftop unit vary by region and equipment, but are usually about half equipment and half labor.

Rapid on-off cycling of a (three minutes or less) leads to poor control of the refrigeration system and can wear out the prematurely. This problem is often caused by a too-narrow dead band on the 's head-pressure controller. A healthy differential (20 to 50 pounds per square inch) between cut-in and cut-out pressure set points prevents rapid cycling.