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Comfort-Aire is a branch of the Heat Controller family which for so many years has offered quality products designed for conditioning air. Comfort-Aire is well-known all over the manufacturing industry for competent, dependable products and in-season accessibility. Although each product has different functions, all Comfort-Aire products go beyond manufacturing principles for energy competency.

Comfort-Aire is considered as one of the top manufacturers of HVAC equipment such as air handlers and heat pumps in the world. Indeed the company offers one of the most extensive HVAC product lines that are suited for the manufacturing industry, factories, schools, shopping malls and airports. Every unit is manufactured using precise standards that meet government regulations for energy efficiency. All Comfort-Aire products utilize excellent materials and are supported by solid warranty coverage. .

It is very important for any building to provide an accurate temperature. This will keep the building occupied with tenants and visitors since they can be comfortable staying in the place, especially during cold and hot seasons. Another essential thing is to provide people with a clean and healthy atmosphere. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system should have these qualities if installed in buildings or offices. This is the reason that heating and cooling systems should have the best air handlers installed in their unit. Air handlers are pieces of equipment in a HVAC a system that are responsible for conditioning and distributing comfortable air as part of an air-conditioning system. In the market, Comfort -Aire air handlers are classified according to three major types depending on the customers heating and cooling needs.

Heat pumps are naturally utilized to support heating and cooling systems in business infrastructures. This equipment is intended to release cold or hot air when required. Comfort -Aire heat pumps are more efficient for heating than for cooling if the temperature variation is apprehended uniformly. This is the reason that the compressor’s main energy is fundamentally transformed to functional temperature when in heating mode, and is released next to the moved heat passing through the condenser. For cooling, the condenser is usually outdoors and the compressor's degenerated operation is discarded rather than put in a functional purpose. There are several different Comfort-Aire heat pumps available, each with their own specific benefits.


Comfort-Aire is a division of Heat Controller, a leading supplier of HVAC parts for more than 75 years. The reputation Comfort-Aire parts have in the industry is excellent. They are viewed by HVAC professionals as quality products that can be relied on for dependable, durable service in a variety of heating and cooling applications. Comfort-Aire meets and exceeds mandated industry requirements for manufacturing quality and energy-efficient performance. Contractors buy Comfort-Aire parts for dependable quality and longevity.

Comfort-Aire is a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment for various applications. When you choose a Comfort-Aire heat pump, air conditioner, air handler or furnace, you can be sure it is designed for high performance and built with the best materials and parts available. Both air-source and geothermal heat pumps are manufactured by Comfort-Aire, and it's a producer of ductless mini-split systems, gas and oil furnaces, packaged AC and heat pump models, coils. Comfort-Aire parts come with a very good warranty, so you can have confidence when you buy Comfort-Aire parts for the repairs.

Comfort-Aire HVAC systems deliver precision climate control. They balance temperature, so the home or building doesn't have hot/cold spots that make residents, visitors, students, tenants or workers uncomfortable. Ventilation is a key to a healthy indoor environment, and Comfort-Aire systems exchange stale, polluted indoor air for fresh outside air. System components such as heat pumps, AC units, air handlers and furnaces are designed to work together to provide a consistent, comfortable and healthy environment.

Efficient Comfort-Aire heat pumps are a popular choice in residential and commercial settings. They pump heat from one location to another. In summer, they collect heat indoors and pump it outside where it is radiated away. In the winter, they collect heat outside and pump it indoors for warmth. Comfort-Aire builds every system with a durable, high-performance compressor that can be relied upon for both heating and cooling throughout the year. Split system and packaged heat pumps are available for residential and commercial use. They offer efficient heating and cooling, so the buildings they serve remain comfortable while energy costs are reduced throughout the year.

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