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Honeywell gas are leaders in their industry, as are many other HVAC components. The manufacturer’s valve production is extremely selective, their prestige only allowing for top-notch to hit the shelves. Thoroughly tested in the laboratories, the manufacturer’s have proven to be the most reliable and most comfortable to use on the market. Gas valve make no exception; actually they improve this rule. are used as safety precautions to your based heating system or other HVAC heating components that use as a power supply. basically shut-off supply in the event of risky conditions, which could prove unsafe to your system and to your integrity. The control shut-off when a interruption occurs or when there’s a power outage that could prove dangerous, all this being made automatically. You will feel much safer once you install a , since they are 100% reliable. Some of the most popular float industrial , include the following models: the VR8304 Universal , the VR8200A 2132 Standing Pilot , the VR8300A 3518 Standing Pilot , the VR8300A Standing Pilot , the VR8300H Standing Pilot , the VR8345M 4302 Universal Electronic Ignition and the SV9501M and Smart . Let’s take a closer look at each model and its features. Honeywell’s VR8304 Universal industrial models are redundant, electrically operated s that use an intermittent operated with 24 volts. It is a single stage that handles natural and has a pressure regulator of 3.5” wc. Electrical ratings measure 24 Vac, 60 Hz and 0.7 A. The electrical connection is a male 1/4" fitting that quickly connects, making the installation process much more comfortable.