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As a world leader in the market, Carrier achieved many acclaims for their high quality, highly reliable, low energy consumption tools, components, appliances, accessories and general products. Their ventilation systems are so good, that many have said that it was Carrier who put the V in (heating, ventilation and conditioning). Actually, ventilation and conditioning are two concepts that were pioneered by the manufacturer. Alongside heating systems, ventilation and conditioning are two of the most important markets developed by Carrier, which allowed them to achieve the status of industry-leader for both.

Their refresh the in your household, making it flow into your rooms from the outside while also maintaining a constant room temperature. The manufacturer's fall under the Series category, a brand that represents the company's most powerful and most reliable products (next to the Comfort and Infinity series). The Series of consists of the following models: the ERVCC Ventilator model, the HRVCCLHU Ventilator model, the HRVCCLVU Ventilator model and the HRVCCSVU Ventilator model.

The ERVCC are designed to refresh your indoor and also for energy saving purposes. In today's tighter constructed homes, exchange is often restricted, trapping stale inside your rooms; not giving your lungs enough healthy to breathe. The ERVCC Ventilator comes to the rescue with its new Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) systems, which maintains fresh indoor and reduces humidity levels. This system also reduces the amount of dust, pollen, dirt, pet h and other impurities from the .

The ERVCC are highly efficient, recovering up to 85% of the heat that might otherwise be lost with the fresh exchange. Minimum heat loss and proper humidity levels help maximize the system's efficiency and reliability, whilst also reducing the costs of operating the utility. These models feature an internal intake system that draws in stale indoor and an external intake system that draws fresh outside and takes it through the filter; an internal exhaust that vents indoor outside from the heat exchanger core; a fresh exhaust that vents conditioned heated outdoor into your household; a high efficiency heat recovery core that extracts heat from stale indoor and transfers it to fresh outdoor for maximum comfort levels; an filter that cleans outdoor of small particles; and a damper defrost system that helps prevent frost from gathering up within the system during the winter. These models also feature briefcase-style exterior latches that allow for easy filter changes with no tools required.

The HRVCCLHU are designed to serve you in both hot and cold periods and they can be useful in a large array of residential environments, from larger households to smaller apartments. When the cold weather settles in, their HRVCCLHU Heat Recovery Ventilator can provide the fresh you need. The HRV draws fresh into your home from the outside, while stale and polluted is pulled out of your home and discarded outside. The HRVCCLHU have some unique features, including: an operating efficiency of up to 84% (of the total heat amount your household has before the exchange), an automatic defrost system, a humidity reducing application during hot periods, they dilute and flush indoor pollutants with the help of the incoming stream prefilter and they provide a quiet operation setting. The parts of the ventilator come at a nice 5-year warranty, while the core is backed by a special lifetime warranty from the company.

The HRVCCLVU reduce humidity levels in your home during summer and help keep you warm during the winter; all while allowing fresh, unpolluted into your house. They feature crossflow and counterflow cores and their automatic defrost system is helpful during cold periods, eliminating the need for a supplemental energy-consuming electric defroster. The ventilator's motor moves through the system efficiently and quietly, while the filter cleans out all impurities, dirt, dust and pollen coming from the outside, protecting your health. The HRVCCLVU come with a 5-year warranty, while the core is offered a special lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

The HRVCCSVU feature a high-efficiency core, which recovers up to 84% of the total heat expelled with indoor and transfers it to the incoming outdoor . The heat core also reduces humidity levels to help you feel more comfortable at lower temperatures during the winter and higher temperatures during the summer. These models feature an electronic circuit board that adjusts circulation modes and motor speeds and is controlled by basic and standard means, leading to a comfortable installation and an easy, no-tools, maintenance process. Just like all other ventilator models, the HRVCCSVU feature a 5-year warranty for each of its component parts and a lifetime warranty for the core.

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