Buy the most efficient and cost-effective Carrier Thermostat

Carrier thermostats offer reliable control of the home heating and air conditioning system. These devices sense the temperature of the home and then call for heat or cooling as needed. Thermostats have been a part of central heating and cooling systems as long as these types of systems have existed although digital upgrades have improved the function of the thermostats and can reduce home energy consumption.

Carrier offers a number of thermostat lines each with its own special features. Each line offers its own set of features with most homeowners able to find a model that fits all their requirements.

The Carrier Infinity thermostat line offers full control for an advanced heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC system. This device not only controls the heating and cooling but can control vent fans and humidity control functions. The Infinity thermostat is programmable allowing the homeowner to set a schedule of heating and cooling functions. This allows the owner to reduce the energy consumption by adjusting the thermostat warmer during the summer and cooler during the winter during times the home will not be occupied. The programmable Infinity thermostat allows a seven day programming schedule utilizing an easy to read digital screen.

The Performance Series of thermostats includes several models with varying features. Some models include wireless programming allowing the owner to control the thermostat from a computer or even a smart phone. The Carrier Performance thermostats also utilize a seven-day programming cycle and offer the same energy saving functions as the Carrier Infinity thermostat line. The wireless connectivity of the Carrier Performance Series requires batteries for operation. This line offers the homeowner not only the greatest level of indoor climate control but improves the homes energy efficiency.

Carrier also produces the Comfort thermostat series. This line of thermostats is more limited in its functions than the Infinity or Performance lines. The Comfort thermostat controls heating and cooling but does not have a humidity control function. The line does include programmable models, which allow the homeowner to schedule heating and cooling functions for optimum energy efficiency.

The Edge line of thermostats includes both programmable and non-programmable thermostats. The non-programmable models sense the air temperature of the room and call for heat or cooling functions as necessary. This type of device will maintain a consistent temperature in the room around the clock.

Carrier thermostats are also available in a number of styles that fit the d├ęcor of the room. This keeps the room looking good while the thermostat keeps it comfortable. Adding a Carrier Thermostat can upgrade a heating system adding convenience and economy to the home.