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The conditioning industry is where Carrier really made a stand, designing some of the most important products in today's market. Their conditioning units and cleaning systems are used in millions of appliances throughout the world, in either residential, commercial or industrial environments. Their line of s is also highly appreciated through-out the community and offers one of the best valued price to quality ratios. The units include some of the most reliable, high-quality models you will ever purchase. Knowing the R manufacturer's prestige and history, you have an extremely low chance of not getting a great deal by purchasing one of their s. Overly dry can cause itchy and cracked skin, eye irritation, stuffy nasal passages, static electricity shocks and cracked woodwork. Adding a can benefit your and family members without compromising your utility costs.

The company's line of Humidifiers include four series units, namely the LFP , the LBP , the SBP s and the SFP . Let's take a closer look at what each model has to offer and what the acronyms in each of the s means.

The LFP Humidifier is also known as the Large Fan Powered (LFP) units. These large fan models have a front access door, which provides easy access for the purpose of cleaning the device and other maintenance operations. Their smooth, low noise operation process is also highly valued among users, because the last thing you want to hear is your making loud buzzing noises while you sleep (which is the case with other manufacturer's low-quality products).

The LFP Humidifier offers optimum distribution of moisture and controls humidity levels in both hot and cold seasons. You will have three humidity control options; the Humidistat, Humiditrac and the Thermidistat controls. This allows for a perfect control and measurement of anything that is related to humidity in your . Other features offered by the LFP Humidifier include: an expanded aluminum pad for the distribution and transfer of moisture to warm dry ; a water distribution system combined with a solenoid valve, which precisely regulates water flow over the pad; a precision tuned fan and motor combination that allows for the efficient movement of dry flow through the evaporator pad, turning it into water vapor; a corrosion resistant thermoplastic cover that is designed to withstand ultra violet lights, accidental impact and high temperatures. The LFP Humidifier comes with a 5 year limited warranty for each of its parts.

The LBP Humidifier is a Large Bypass Powered unit (LBP) that offers long lasting and smooth humidity control operations for your household. Using the Humidistat, Humiditrac and Thermidistat control options, you will be able to have full power over every aspect of your 's humidification or dehumidification process. The large bypass motor efficiently draws dry hot through the evaporator pad, where the solenoid valve and water distribution system regulates water flow, turning the into moisture vapors.

Another great feature of this unit is the built in AC/DC circuit board that adds reliability, and comfortable operations with the unit. The LBP Humidifier comes with the standard 5 year warranty for its parts; a warranty that proves to be sufficient because the breakdown risk of such a robust product is extremely low.

The SBP Humidifier and SFP Humidifier models are similar to their L-series counterparts, but they offer a more compact design and make use of a small bypass powered (SBP) and a small fan power (SFP) respectively. They can provide the same quality humidifying operations as their larger series, only at a lower rate. The warranty however, stays the same for both the SBP Humidifier and the SFP Humidifier models, in that the company offers a 5 year limited parts warranty for both.

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