Buy Carrier Heat Pump Parts

The leading heating and air conditioning industry manufacturer, Carrier Controls, would not anything but a quality selection of and temperature flow systems. Their top quality are used in millions of residential ing and chilling systems all over the world and they are known to be extremely reliable HVAC components, rated so by some of the most important HVAC OEMs, technicians, engineers and certification companies.

Carrier's line of are designed to provide high efficiency air conditioning during hot weather months and cozy temperarure in the winter. Basically, a is both an air conditioning unit and a dispenser in one single device, making them extremely practical and efficient (saving both room and energy that two separate devices would have used). Regardless of the weather outside, Carrier can make you feel able in your own home year round.

They offer models based on their three main series: Infinity, and Performance. The Infinity Series only has one ing model, namely the Infinity 17 Model 38YDB. This ing unit holds a Puron refrigerant system, which allows for excellent efficiency, reliability and improves the life span of the device. These are energy efficient, saving up to 15% of the total energy used by other . It has a two speed setting for better control, but it usually is best to leave the at the factory-set speed of 80% of its total capabilities. Additionally, the Infinity 17 models use Silencer System, which allows for a small decibel count (as low as 72 dB) and Weather Armor III system with an enhanced condenser grille guard. The Infinity 17 series comes with a 10 year limited warranty for the compressor and a 5 year warranty for its parts.

The Performance Series holds two models: the Performance 13 Model 38 YX and the Performance 12 Model 38 YZ. Performance Series are designed to use environmentally sound Puron refrigerant and electricity for economical utility costs throughout the year. Both models use the famous scroll compressor, one of the most reliable and high-performance compressors in today's market. Just like the Infinity series, the Performance models make use of the Silencer System for sound ratings that go as low as 70 dB and Weather Armor III protection package, which offers safe weather protection and shields the from contaminants that might be damaging, while enhancing the condenser grill's protection. The from the Performance Series come with a 10 year warranty for the compressor and a 5 year warranty for each part. A long warranty is inversely proportional to the number of breakdowns a product will have.

The last category is the Series, comprised of three distinct models: the 10, the 12 Model 38YR and the 14 Model 38 YS. The 10 model offers complete temperature control, whether it's summer cooling or winter ing. The 10 models reliably maintain able temperatures with years of energy-efficient service from a single ing and cooling system. This model scored a 10 SEER and a 7 HSPF energy saving rating, so you can be sure you will be able to lower your energy bill if you acquire one of these models. Although this advantage won't be immediately visible, you will notice the benefits and cost savings in the long run. The 10 uses Freon refrigerant technology that will keep the 's efficiency constant and will increase its life span. Protected by a Weather Armor III system, the has three distinctive protective elements: a galvanized steel cabinet, a heavy-duty wire grille and ceramic-coated screws. Therefore, the risk of the breaking down because of weather conditions or contaminants is extremely low, as it is quite well protected.

The 12 series consists of models that are designed especially for quiet work and efficient ing and cooling. Of course the energy saving element has not been forgotten, the scoring 12 SEER and 8 HSPF ratings. Using a Freon-22 refrigerant and a copper tube and aluminum fin coil, this is especially useful for HVAC systems and residential environments that require soothing, quiet and efficient that is felt instead of simply heard, like with other. The manufacturer offers a 10 year warranty for the compressor and a 5 year one for the whole unit, but a long and trustworthy warranty could be only expected from such a large and prestigious manufacturer as Carrier.

Last but not least, the 14 Model 38 YS is used for year-round and economical operations in all kinds of household and residential environments, regardless of their size. These models are designed to achieve higher efficiency ratings without renouncing or making any annoying or loud noises. The Weather Armor III protection package enhances the reliability and decreases the chance of a total system unit breakdown. The standard warranty for applies for this model as well, 10 years limited warranty on the compressor and a 5 years limited parts warranty.

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