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Carrier is regarded as the largest and most successful industry leader in HVAC appliances, especially in heating and air conditioning units and systems, in the world. Their heat pumps, air conditioning units, air cleaners, gas and oil furnaces, central and room air conditioners, thermostats or ventilators can be found in millions of HVAC appliances worldwide. Residential, commercial and industrial users benefit from their range of high quality, comfortable and efficient heating and air conditioning products. One such line of products is their fan coil selection.

If your heat pump does not provide enough heat on cold days, a is what you need to get that comfortable additional . Carrier s come in all three product series: Infinity, Performance and Comfort. The Infinity Series consists of a single , the Infinity FE4. The Performance series consists of two s: the Performance FV4 and the Performance FX4. Lastly, the Comfort line of products includes the following two s: the Comfort FK4 and the Comfort FB4 / FC4.

The Infinity FE4 uses a variable speed motor that allows for increased comfort with warmer temperatures and improves humidity control, enhancing indoor air quality. The motor also enhances cooling efficiency with up to 2 SEER point ratings, saving you approximately 16% of your estimated cooling costs and 10% on costs. The Infinity Control Board keeps track of the previous cycles and lets the system automatically adjust cooling and levels in order to provide the best energy efficiency and comfort. The Infinity FE4 also uses Puron refrigerant technology and it is equipped with a thermostatic expansion valve for a better temperature control. The Infinity FE4 comes with a 5 year warranty on the entire .

The Performance FV4 with Puron refrigerant technology allows you to maximize your system’s performance and efficiency while making an environmentally sound choice. The Performance Series variable-speed ’s longer and cooling cycles help the elimination of hot or cold spots, keeping a balanced and even temperature throughout your home. The variable speed motor allows for wide cost saving operations of up to 16% on cooling and 10% on . Equipped with a TXV (thermostatic expansion valve), The Performance FV4 offers an easy-select board system and an ECM motor that will noticeably improve your temperature comfort and energy savings compared to a standard heat pump system. A 5 year limited warranty comes with this .

The Carrier Performance FX4 has a fixed speed and is designed specifically to maximize efficiency while offering minimized utility cost. The uses a Puron technology refrigerant, which is environmentally sound and won’t deplete the ozone layer. The company introduced Puron a full six years ahead of the competition, perfecting this system to provide greater quality and higher reliability.

Other features offered by this include a foil-faced insulation system that isolates sound and reduces bacterial growth, a permanent washable filter that can easily be cleaned in comparison to other filters that need replacing once they are dirty, an optional electric resistance heater that maintains heat consistency during extremely cold periods, an airtight cabinet that keeps air inside and directs the air flow within your ductwork and a thermostatic expansion valve that offers precise and reliable control of the refrigerant distribution.

The Comfort series s FK4 and FB4/FC4 are built to maximize the performance of your HVAC system, while providing a safe, comfortable and energy-saving solution. Equipped with three-speed blowers, these s will most likely suit all your air flow needs. While the FK4 offers a variable speed , the FB4/FC4 have a fixed speed solution. The FC4 has a special thermostatic expansion valve designed for precise refrigerant measuring while the FB4 uses the AccuRater refrigerant meter, which is matched with your outdoor for optimal comfort and economical operations. All three s from the Comfort series have a 5 year limited warranty on the entire .

If you think your system needs a reliable and efficient , or if you want to provide yourself and your family with an alternative and cooling solution, then Carrier is the perfect choice. The manufacturer’s products are reknowned for their reliability, high performance and ease of installation. HVAC PLUS is a one stop parts supplier that will satisfy all your HVAC needs. If you need products, make sure you use our online ordering system, which proves to be a cost and time effective procedure, not to mention a comfortable one. HVAC PLUS is here to suit your , ventilation and air conditioning needs and we pride ourselves with some of the best prices on the market. Because we are located in the center of the world’s HVAC industry, in Houston, Texas, we will never get stumped on , ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration components.