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Contact Us: Phone: (215) 525-1119 or "Request A Quote for Coil Product" Chilled water coils assist custom and heavy-duty industrial applications to cool air or gas for comfort, dehumidification, dry cooling, solvent removal and other cooling applications. In addition, offers coils that are perfect for accommodating the rigors of higher temperature applications such as preheating, drying, heat treatment, heat recovery and/or removal. Solid materials associated with contaminants in the atmosphere, such as fly ash or chloride-bearing pollutants, can enter the water supply of rooftop cooling towers associated with commercial cooling systems.

Microbes like mold, and fungi can grow in a . These microbial growths are usually controlled by chemical treatments that are put into a . Sometimes such treatments may cause corrosion of the traditional copper tubing used in surfaces that are being cleaned, which results in pitting on the -side of the . This pitting will eventually cause failure in the cooling system. The failure stems from the ability of these floating solids to stick to the tube wall of a , which creates pitting. The average lifespan of a is about 15 years. If properly maintained, a can last up to 25 years unless demanding a replacement.

Most are designed with either 1/2” or 5/8” O.D. tubes. However, there are an increasing number of manufacturers who design with 3/8” tubes, especially for that are for very low capacity (5 tons or less). Larger tubes are typically used because they keep the pressure drop lower. However, the smaller tonnage usually have short tube lengths and, thus, inherently lower fluid pressure drops.

The most commonly used tube material is copper, and there are a variety of tube wall thickness options to handle different applications. Aluminum is the most commonly used material for the fins on a , because of good heat transfer characteristics and low cost. There are many different fin designs that will either enhance heat transfer or reduce air pressure drop, depending on the requirement. Coil frames (or casings, flanges, whatever you might call them) are normally galvanized but stainless steel is a good consideration to increase the longevity of the . Coil connections are typically copper, brass, or steel.

Carrier offers separate for built-up air handling systems or to provide cooling with existing furnace systems. The 28B series are plate fin intended for use in built-up air handling systems and/or ductwork. 28B series have heavy gauge galvanized steel casings, 1/2" or 5/8" copper tubes (1" for non-freeze steam) and are available with either aluminum or copper fins. All of the 28B series are either certified or perform in accordance with ARI Standard 410. 28LA/CB series direct expansion evaporator are matched with 38ARZ condensing units to provide efficient cooling for furnace systems. Residential can easily be used in variety of light commercial applications where comfort, energy savings, and indoor air quality are of concern. offers both standard and custom Carrier built to the highest standards including UL and ARI. We are dedicated to providing fast and accurate responses to your requirements. Customer service department is open twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week for your convenience. We help our customers get the products they need as fast as they need it, especially in the case of a customer needing an emergency replacement.