Buy Carrier Central and Room Air Conditioners

The conditioning industry is where Carrier first made its stand, designing some of the most important products of today’s HVAC market. Their conditioning units and cleaning systems are used in millions of appliances throughout the World, in both residential and commercial environments. Being one of the first companies to ever produce and distribute conditioning systems, it was inevitable that they would lead the industry of and s of today. Their line of and conditioning units include some of the most reliable, high-quality, best priced and top value products you can find and the company’s 100 years prestige really shows in the way these conditioning units are designed and the way they work.

Let’s start by taking a look at some of their conditioning systems and their distinct features. Divided into the three (Infinity, and Comfort), the manufacturer’s s include the following models: the Infinity 18, the 14, the 13, the 12, the 11, the Comfort 12, the Comfort 11 and the Comfort 10.

Infinity 18 units use the innovative Puron refrigerant technology, which, for the past 6 years, has been one of the greatest advancements in the manufacturer’s conditioning and heating systems. Besides its high , the Puron technology is well known for its environmental safety measures and the fact that it does not hinder your household’s . The ’s motor has a two-speed capabilities, which means it can operate on a low speed basis for as much as 80% of the time.

The Silencer System can result in extremely quiet operations, with sound ratings that go as low as 69-70 dB. Other features of this include a superior and humidity control, an Infinity Control Board for ultimate settings, improved indoor quality capabilities and a self diagnostics system. Infinity's 18 s come with a 10 year compressor limited warranty and a 5 year parts limited warranty.

Carrier models are designed to provide superior efficiency and to your household’s flow and quality. Models 11 to 14 hold some specific features, which makes them some of the most popular products on the HVAC market: a high energy efficiency that ranges between 14 and 16 SEER rating, environmentally sound Puron technology refrigerant, the excellent Silencer System which provides one of the quietest forms of conditioning you can find. They are protected by Weather Armor III system and have an enhanced condenser grille guard. All four models come with a standard 10 year warranty for the compressor and a 5 year limited warranty for their parts.

Comfort conditioning models (ranging from Comfort 10 to Comfort 12) are designed to deliver a high level of with dependable cooling both on the spot and in the future, because of their durable construction and advanced reliability testing. What makes them truly great is their energy efficient 12 SEER rating and the estimated energy savings of 10% from the total energy bill a standard would produce. The Comfort uses a Freon technology refrigerant and isprotected by Weather Armor system. They come with 10 year warranties for the compressor and 5 year ones for each part.

The company's line of s includes the following models: the KCA Room , the X/Y Heat and Cool Room , the X/Y Cool Room , the X/Y Heat Pump Room , the FCB Room and the 52F Room models.

Each model has its own specifications. For example, the Carrier KCA Room features an easy to use touch pad and remote control and provides quiet for living areas ranging from 100 to 875 square feet. The X/Y Heat and Cool Room s provide four-season for quiet, reliable in living and working areas, 500-1,600 square feet. The X/Y Cool Room s include 9 energy saving units of the highest efficiency and a quiet cooling operation for residential, commercial or offices of up to 1.800 square feet. The FCB Room s offer a convenient and able thru-the-wall or thru-the window installation and are designed for use in 100 to 400 square feet environments. Lastly, the 52F Room models are attractively styled and are more compact than the other models. They provide quiet operation and efficient temperature and flow control in residential, commercial and offices as large as 600 square feet.

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