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Carlyle compressors can be found around the world - from the world's first nuclear sub to your grocer's freezer. That's because when it comes to refrigeration and air conditioning, builds the world's most reliable compressors.

They have been in the business for over 70 years. Their reciprocating and screw models are easily installed and perform like no other. Along with building the best in the business, they have developed the best support package in the industry today - The Green Carpet Program. If your's ever breaks down, a single phone call gets you all the answers you need – answers like which to use for repair, and/or where you can get a replacement quickly.

There are five different model categories; Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating , Semi-Hermetic Two-Stage , CS/SR Scroll , Open-Drive Reciprocating , Open-Drive and Semi-Hermetic Twin Screw Compressors, making them one of the most reliable makers in the world.

  • The Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating is very compact and occupies less space compared to open type machines thus saving expensive building and plant room costs.
  • Each 60 HZ semi-hermetic is UL and CSA recognized and comply with UL (Underwriters Laboratory), CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and NEC (National Electrical Code) requirements for internal motor protection.
  • The Semi-Hermetic Two-Stage is great for low-temperature refrigerators and contains a six cylinder compound cooling design that creates a high efficiency rating.
  • The Scroll Carlyle compressor uses two interleaved spiral-like vanes to pump or compress fluids such as liquids and gases. They operate more smoothly, quietly, and reliably than other types of compressors in the lower volume range.
  • The Open-Drive Reciprocating has marginally higher efficiency at full speeds and full load conditions.
  • The Open-Drive and Semi-Hermetic Twin Screw models are tolerant to liquid flood-back and their ability to utilize liquid heat exchangers on all temperature applications provides increased capacity and stabilized system performance.

The model numbers 06D and 06E are reliable by design. Their crankcase venting system, combined with an oversized sump, results in equalized internal start-up pressures, eliminating nuisance oil trips and assuring oil return. The positive oil lubrication system extends the full range down to the 2HP model and combines a high flow oil pump with an oil pressure regulator, assuring reliable lubrication with minimum oil circulation. The optional suction cut-off system prevents refrigerant from entering the cylinder to control capacity efficiently. This eliminates the recompression of refrigerant, as used by competitors, reducing operating costs and assuring consistent capacity reduction in all ambient conditions.

The 06CC Compound Cooling offers new technology that applies Carlyle's innovative design to make it literally two in one, with both high and low stages built in. Their new narrow-seat valve design makes it the most efficient low-temp on the market in both HCFC and HFC applications in the 6 1/2HP to 30HP ranges. Compatible with HFC refrigerants and POE oil in single, multiplexed and parallel system design configurations, this optimizes system operation, utilizing liquid sub-cooling minimizes liquid temperature fluctuation to TXVs on systems incorporating floating condensing temperatures.

The model numbers 5F and 5H offer dependable performance and positive pressure lubrication to extend life. This type can be operated as direct drive or belt drive with various motor options; available in both internal hydraulic and external electric capacity control configurations. The design of the crankcase casting, cylinder heads and valve plates allow for smooth, unrestricted flow of refrigerant, resulting in greater operating efficiency.

With the introduction of the Paragon Screw, the future of screw Compressor Technology has arrived. Now you can have efficiency, reliability and quality in one twin-screw compressor. 40 to 200-ton sizes for R-134a air-conditioning and medium-temperature applications. Paragon's progressive, high-performing design combines Carlyle's vast refrigeration and cooling experience with sophisticated technology from the world's largest refrigeration company.

The model numbers 05T and 06T offers big savings at a fraction of the size of comparable reciprocating. The Twin Screw, with its high specific output, allows for smaller rack sizes and fewer- while supplying all the performance of larger units. These twin screw compressors were designed to be used in a wide variety of applications, including commercial refrigeration, environmental chambers, and air conditioning.

It is committed to providing you with the most that can possibly give you - high efficiency - low operating costs - optional capacity control systems - and Carlyle's world-famous reliability.

When you're looking for quality, look to us. They have received ISO 9002 Registration by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. to manufacture open drive and semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors ranging in size from 5 to 120 tons of refrigeration capacity. As a leading supplier of HVAC parts, HVAC can help guide you in your selection. Browse our site for, cross reference to one another or compare them to our Bristol compressors or Carrier compressor selections. We are a one stop shop online parts store, available to meet all your HVAC needs.