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Trane Outdoor Motors form a part of the whole air conditioning system manufactured by Trane and are installed in the outdoors to eliminate stale air and bring in fresh air. Humidity is a big issue in many areas. The best way to ensure that the environment is fine and excess humidity is in control is to have a system that runs longer but at lower speeds. Variable-speed air-handling devices are known for running at very low speeds, which keeps the air circulating against the cooling coil and removes a lot more moisture from the air than conventional systems. Variable speed motors use a lot less electricity at these low speeds when compared to conventional motors.

The Trane two-stage XL19i outdoor air conditioning unit operates at a fairly low speed, removing more moisture from the air and allowing greater comfort than a single-stage air conditioning unit. Trane's Comfort-R Enhanced Mode is supported by the variable-speed indoor blower units and runs a very cold coil and supports the blower to slowly ramp up and down. This will squeeze out extra moisture from the indoor air. The XLi outdoor product lines have higher SEER ratings and hence much more efficient. This makes it a better system than the Trane XB line. It also has advanced features like the Trane's patented WeatherGuard top which is known for providing extra protection for the outdoor condenser coil, a 2 speed condenser fan for better efficiency and lower sound.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems from Trane are known globally for their durability and consistent performance. Trane are leaders in the domain of air handling and humidity management. At HVACPLUS you can find parts for any Trane system like furnaces, humidifiers, heat pumps, air conditioners, unit ventilators and many more products.


Trane outdoor motors are an essential part of any Trane heat pump or air conditioning system. They help to ensure proper air flow through the HVAC system, resulting in even heating and cooling as well as the removal of excess humidity when the system is in air conditioning mode. When you choose a variable-speed furnace or air handler for your split system or packaged unit, you'll experience better climate control. Cycles will be longer, and the fan will run at a lower speed. This will be quieter, and the longer cycles will produce more gentle heating and cooling that helps to eliminate temperature fluctuations. Single-speed blowers cannot achieve this level of climate control.

The Trane XL20i is currently the best air conditioning system and heat pump Trane makes. For best results, pair this 2-stage condensing unit with a variable-speed models such as Trane XC and XV furnaces and Trane XL air handlers. These furnaces and air handlers are equipped with efficient, variable-speed motors that produce more comfortable heating, cooling, air filtration and humidity control. The systems run on low-stage heating or cooling with low-speed fan to optimize comfort.

Trane outdoor motors assist in cooling too. When an AC or heat pump is in cooling mode, heat is absorbed by the refrigerant inside the home or building. When the heat is removed, the inside air is cooled. The refrigerant carries the heat outside and releases it in the condensing coil in the condensing unit. The outdoor motor then drives a fan that helps to quickly dissipate the heat as it radiates out of the coil. In this way, cooling happens inside more quickly and efficiently.

Trane makes more than just residential HVAC systems. They are an industry leader in commercial and industrial systems used in schools, office buildings, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals and manufacturing facilities.

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