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Trane Inducer Motor and blower motors are the key components of furnaces. The blower motor is used to circulate temperature controlled air through the buildings whereas the inducer motor drives the fan for circulating combustion gases through the furnace. Shaded-pole are also used for this purpose and is a type of AC single-phase. Trane builds gas furnaces and oil furnaces that ensure consistent performance. These products also work at very high efficiencies reaching up to 95%. This means greater savings for the end users.

For furnaces which are used for low end uses to heavy duty systems, HVACPLUS hosts all ranges of the inducer motors. From the XC95m which is a gas heating furnace to the two stage heating, the XL 90 gas furnaces, you can find all types of spares for heat pumps, blower fans, indoor uses, air conditioners, ptac, commercial use motors etc. for leading HVAC manufacturers like Lennox, Rheem, Carrier, Fasco, Trane, Goodman, Bryant, Goodman and more.

The XV90 is the top-of-the-line gas furnace from Trane and has superior performance to meet all comfort needs. It comes with a variable-speed-fan motor which adjusts speed to provide a consistent flow of warm, comfortable air. It uses variable speed blower & draft inducer motors which uses less electricity. Trane is a highly environment friendly company and works towards making green technology for all its systems. Huge manufacturers of commercial and residential heating and cooling systems. Find parts for the XL80, XL90, XT80, XT90, XR80, XR90, XB80, XB90 systems.


Trane inducer motors are essential for the proper functioning of a gas furnace. They also help to keep you safe by forcing exhaust gases out the vent flue. Those gases contain deadly carbon monoxide gas, and if not properly vented, they can leak into your home. When your furnace starts, the motor you first hear is the draft inducer motor. It is pulling in air from outside the furnace and pushing it through the system. A sensor in the furnace will determine if the system is clear. If there are no blockages caused by animal nests, ice or other debris, the furnace's heating system will ignite.

The inducer motor continues to run while the Trane furnace is making heat. The motor sends the hot combustion gas through the heat exchanger. The blower motor circulates air over the heat exchanger in order to warm it and send it through the ductwork to the rooms in the house. High-efficiency Trane gas furnaces like the Trane XC95m have a secondary heat exchanger too. It captures more of the heat created to produce 95 percent efficiency.

When HVAC contractors need quality parts for the repairs they make, they buy Trane inducer motor parts. Trane's reputation for quality is second to none. The parts are ideal for repairing Trane furnaces, but can be used in other brands such as American Standard. The Trane furnace models served by these draft induce motors include the XC95 that has a modulating gas valve and variable-speed blower motor for ultimate climate control. The Trane XV95, XL95, XT95 and XR95 are high-efficiency furnaces that employ a secondary heat exchanger in addition to the draft inducer motor. Trane XC80, XB90, XV80, XL80, XT80, XR80 and XB80 are less efficient. They use a draft inducer motor but are built with just one heat exchanger.

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