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Trane Heat Pump Motors are used in heat pumps. These are nothing but air conditioners with a reverse cycle. These systems come with a valve which enables them to alternate between air conditioning and heating hence providing year-round air comfort whether it is summer or the peak of winter. Trane has heat pumps for a wide range of uses based in the capacity of air handling that is required and also based on the efficiency of the systems.

The XL20i heat pump from Trane falls under the ultra efficiency category. It uses the proprietary Comfort-R method for airflow. This is done by running the fan at a slower speed during start-up. By managing these cycles, the temperature variances are reduced and this enhances the comfort of homes. It has a 19.00 SEER rating and HSPF up to 9.0. It comes with one large and one smaller compressor to be used based on the extremes of weather. The XL16i and XL19i are other models that fall under this category. The Trane XL15i is highly durable and has lower operating costs. It is a single speed heat pump which is one of the quietest. The XL14i and XL15i are super efficiency units.

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The Trane Company is world-famous for its contributions to the HVAC industry. In addition to central air conditioning units for both commercial and residential uses, Trane designs and manufactures heat pumps as well. Heat pumps are a modern innovation that allow the same unit to cool the air in the summer and to help to heat it in the winter. They are essentially air conditioners with a reverse cycle.

Trane manufactures heat pumps for an extremely wide range of air handling capacities. The motors are among the most critical, hard-working components in heat pumps. Careful and regular lubrication of heat pump motors can definitely extend their lives. It is always important to make sure that the correct lubricating oil is used.

Eventually, these motors may need replacing. Or, certain parts may wear to the point that they must be changed. At HVAC Plus, we carry the full line of Trane heat pump motors and replacement parts. One can choose to browse our website or to call our expert staff 24/7. At, the Trane parts that you need are only a couple of clicks away.

The XL20i Trane Heat Pump

The XL20i heat pump is a modern, ultra-efficient unit. It benefits from Trane's proprietary Comfort-R airflow method. The unit's fan is run at a slower speed at start-up. This allows smoother transitions between on/off cycles. The result is both enhanced comfort and energy efficiency.

This extremely efficient unit has a 19.00 SEER rating and a HSPF of up to 9.0. It is engineered with dual compressors. A smaller compressor is used during more moderate conditions. A larger compressor is automatically pressed into service in times of more extreme weather. The XL16i and XL19i are similar units with different capacities.

The XL15i Trane Heat Pump

The XL15i is a heat pump that offers a trio of key advantages. It is extremely durable, is inexpensive to operate, and it is very quiet. This is an excellent unit for applications where a single-speed heat pump is sufficient. The XL14i is a related heat pump from Trane that is also very energy efficient.

Other popular Trane heat pumps include those for the XR13, XR14, XR15, XB13, and XB14 systems.

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