Buy Trane Exhaust Fan Motor

Trane Exhaust Fan Motors are the motors which drive the exhaust fans. The Packaged IntelliPak Rooftop Systems which can handle 90 to 162 tons and are basically commercial packaged rooftops and air handlers come with world class energy efficiencies. The Intellipak comes with the latest technology and provides the flexibility to provide comfort for various environments. Exhaust fan motors drive exhaust fans which are used with and without energy recovery wheels. It comes with options of standard CFM supply exhaust/return fans which can meet standard airflow application needs or low CFM supply and exhaust/return fans to meet low leaving air temperature requirements. 100 Percent Modulating Exhaust Fan which is a double width, double inlet forward-curved fan and can exhaust up to 100 percent supply air. There is also an option to have a 100 Percent Modulating Exhaust Fan with Statitrac Control for constant volume and variable air volume rooftops. Statitrac, uses a differential pressure transducer to compare indoor building pressure to atmospheric pressure. The next option is 100 Percent Modulating Exhaust Fan with Statitrac Control and Variable Frequency Drive. Along with this a bypass is also an option. Bypass control provides full nominal airflow in the event of drive failure. High efficiency motors—supply and exhaust/return fans are provided with high efficiency motors. The exhaust fan motors need to support exhaust fans which will be either standard or low airflow

Trane is a major worldwide provider of residential heating, air conditioning and commercial hvac solutions that betters indoor environmental quality. Trane provides energy efficient commercial air conditioners, chiller , hvac controls, hvac parts & supplies, and building automation systems that contribute to efficient building solutions. HVACPLUS offers you a very large number of spare parts for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. Trane fan motors for Trane air handlers, condensors, heat pumps etc. are also available at HVACPLUS.


Trane exhaust fan motors, as the name would suggest, power the fans that ventilate buildings. This type of exhaust fan operation is much larger than the systems used in residential bathroom or kitchen and includes rooftop units operated by thermostats or controllers.

The exhaust fan motor is a critical part of the entire exhaust system. These systems are designed to fit different situations. For example, an industrial setting including processes that produce fumes may require a higher level of ventilation that a commercial retail space.

The overall exhaust system includes ductwork, dampers to control air flow, the fan and the fan motor. The fan motor is one of the most critical parts to the unit. The motor provides the energy to move the air that accomplishes the ventilation. Trane exhaust fan motors provide reliable service over years of operations making them one of the top choices for this type of application.

Building exhaust systems can be configured in a variety of ways. Some systems provide a low airflow, measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM, that operates continuously providing constant ventilation. Other systems move larger volumes of air for shorter periods of time and may operate only when needed.

Trane exhaust fan motors are included as standard in the Trane IntelliPak Rooftop system. These ventilation systems range in capacity from 20 to 130 tons of air and provide ventilation solutions for a wide range of commercial building applications. The digital control unit operates the fans and dampers to provide the best possible economy while maintaining the comfort level within the building. The IntelliPak ventilation system can be integrated with heating systems to provide a more complete heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC system.

The Trane IntelliPak system also includes Compensated Outdoor Air Control. This component, also operated by the systems digital controller, controls the amount of outside air entering the building during the times the exhaust fan is operating. This helps maintain a constant air pressure within the building as well as improves the overall energy efficiency of the building by limiting unnecessary outside air from entering.

Another ventilation control option is the Trane Statitrac control. This system monitors the air pressure within the building adjusting dampers and fans as necessary to balance the indoor atmospheric pressure with the outdoor.

No matter the system or the control method, the working, moving part of an exhaust system is the exhaust fan motor. Without this component the system simply does not work. Trane produces a high quality line of exhaust fan motors in a variety of sizes and configurations. A Trane exhaust fan motor can provide the best and most reliable service for any ventilation need.