Buy Trane Evaporator Motors Parts

Trane has long been a top name in the HVAC industry. While many people know about them for their residential products, Trane is also popular in commercial and industrial environments. In particular, their evaporator motors been met with considerable acclaim. Here are a few facts about evaporator motors and why they are so important in certain HVAC installations.

As opposed to condensers, evaporators function by converting refrigerants to a gaseous state from a liquid state; condensers work in the opposite manner. Commonly used in commercial refrigerators and freezers, evaporators can provide the most efficient cooling available. They tend to be a bit larger than other refrigeration solutions, so they are not used frequently in residential environments. Those who need the most cooling for their money, however, rely on evaporators.

Professional systems often take advantage of small fans. These fans are housed inside of units and are used to move air across evaporator coils. This speeds up the process of cooling in a refrigerator or other environment. Permanent split capacitors and shaded pole electric fans are most often used in these environments, and they are popular because they do not drain energy. That said, using too many fans can lead to higher energy consumption than is necessary; proper research should be done to ensure that the right number of fans is used. If many fans will be necessary to cool an appropriate rate of speed, electronically-commutated motors may be preferable. Although they cost more, the operate in a much more efficient manner.

For 6 to 12 ton systems, Trane offers the Odyssey Split Systems. Often used in low-rise buildings, retail outlets manufacturing facilities, this system is a plug-in solution that provides air-handlers, a ball bearing evaporator fan system and a belt drive. Many prefer to use a high-static evaporator motor in conjunction with this installation.

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