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Trane Electric Motor Fans parts form an integral component of the larger Trane systems like the variable air volume units. Varitrane which is a Fan-powered Series unit and energize fans in occupy mode. These Trane systems have many applications and are commonly found in cafeterias, board rooms etc. where the requirement is air flow rates which are regular and high. The fans used in this system is in line with the airstream and runs constantly and gives a regular flow of air into the conditioned zone for maximum comfort. Trane also manufactures the Fan-Powered Parallel Terminal. These systems offer intermittent fan control due to which there is more energy saved. When the specific is in need of heat, only then is the fan energized. These units are highly efficient because, the fan is outside of the airstream and runs only when heating is required. The Electric Motor Fan sizes vary according to the model from O2SQ to O7SQ which manages an airflow range at 0.25" static pressure downstream from 120 to 2020.

The prime function of an electric motor is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric motors are quite popular since electricity is easily available. In the HVAC domain, electric motors drive fans and compressors and they are the key parts which become the prime consumers of electricity in an heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Trane systems which are developed keep in mind the eco friendliness and the energy efficiency hence required and do give a very close though while designing such electric motors.

AC motors make use magnetic field and works by passing alternating current through coils of wire. The variation in the magnetic field causes a flow of current. In AC induction motors, this causes the current flow in the rotors and this creates another magnetic field. The torque is produced by the interaction of these magnetic fields. Trane is a large manufacturer of different HVAC parts and products. Trane cooling fan motors, Trane condensor fan motors, Trane fan motors for Trane heat pumps, Trane furnaces, Trane outdoors etc are all manufactured with high quality and can be found at HVACPLUS.


Trane electric motor fans parts are essential components for many Trane ventilation and complete HVAC systems. The Varitrane ventilation system is just one example. Trane systems like this one are installed in areas that are not permanently occupied. Ideal locations include meeting rooms and cafeterias in schools, nursing homes, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and other commercial and industrial settings. They deliver proper air flow rates to maintain healthy indoor air quality. Constant low-flow, standard and high air flow rates are available, and Trane electric motor fans produce them.

Trane fan-powered parallel terminal systems are also available. They deliver intermittent air flow in order to use less energy. The fan is installed outside the air stream, and it is only activated when the room or zone it serves needs heating or cooling. Trane electric motor fans come if many sizes to meet the specific air flow demands of the system and the zone being served. HVAC Plus has all of the Trane electric motors fans parts for repair and maintenance.

Electric fans convert electricity into mechanical energy, moving air for the purposes of ventilation, heating and cooling. The HVAC industry uses a variety of fan types for air handler, ERV and HRV ventilator, heat pump and chiller applications. They cool compressors and force treated air into duct work for distribution to rooms or zones. The fans in HVAC systems use quite a bit of electricity, so choosing energy-efficient fans is a priority. Trane systems are built with efficient fans as a way to cut down on utility costs for its customers while being ecofriendly.

Alternating current (AC) motors are powered by the use of a magnetic field. An alternating current is passed through wire coils to energize the fan motor. Adjustments to the magnetic field create differences in the air flow of the system. AC induction motors use a current flow through rotors to produce the magnetic field and the torque required to power the fan.

As a leading manufacturer of HVAC systems and components, Trane uses a wide variety of fan motors and other replacement parts. Trane cooling fan motors, condensing unit fan motors for ACs and heat pumps and furnace fan motors are among the types employed in Trane systems. No matter what part you need for your Trane system, you'll find it at HVAC Plus. When you buy Trane electric motor fans parts from us, you'll save money. Our prices are some of the most competitive you'll find anywhere. Our streamlined search and order system makes it very easy to locate the part you need and get it ordered. Once it is ordered, we'll ship it to you promptly.

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